Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woo-Ha Godzilla's all in check

This is incredibly stupid and awesome all at the same time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teen Wolf trailer

MTV is making a Teen Wolf TV show. I mean why wouldn't they? Twilight was at its most popular like 4 years ago right? So this sounds right on time for MTV.

In this new vision TW plays lacross, has what looks like a 35 year old girlfriend and doesn't dance one bit. Also the producer had the balls to compare it to Buffy the Vampire slayer. I'd be more upset if I hadn't just ordered Hard Ticket to Hawaii on DVD for six bucks.

more Wonder Woman pics, why not?

More pictures hit the web this morning after I had posted that original pic from the filming of the Wonder Woman pilot. I thought about ignoring them, but then I remembered the internet's motto. Boobs or GTFO.

btw, girl needs to relax her face and hands when she runs. I learned the importance of that in track sometime between stretching and visualization drills.

Battlefield 3 (drool)

Good gravy this new trailer for Battlefield 3 looks awesome. I'm pretty pumped for this game to come out. I like Battlefield 2, but Call of Duty: Black Ops has it beat on a couple playability issues and that keeps me from being able to completely enjoy it. Hopefully Battlefield 3 will close that gap and then some.

Someone fixed Wonder Woman then ruined Emma Frost

A few photos from the set of the Wonder Woman pilot hit the web today and they show some significant changes to her super shiny costume. They added the red boots (thank goodness) and took a good amount of shine off the pants. I like it better, but it still looks kinda cheap. Maybe in motion it will look better, of course there's no way this makes it on TV so I guess that point's sort of moot.

Now on to things you will see on TV (as in on FX about 3 months after it's flopped in theaters) here's the best pic so far of Emma Frost in costume from X-Men: First Class.
It looks awful. Honestly, How do you mess up a bikini top and hooker boots? I guess now we know where that first awful picture of the cast in costume came from. Turns out it was less of a photoshop job than people like Matthew Vaughn wanted us to believe.

On a semi-related note, I still can't get over the fact that they're using the character of Azazel. If you don't know Azazel was introduced as Nightcrawler's father in one of the absolute worst written comic runs ever, not just with the X-men but ever. The fact that even one of Chuck Austen's awful ideas has made it's way off the page makes me want to vomit. Not literal vomit of course, figurative vomit, which can be just as bad. I mean where are you supposed to find a figurative toilet?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DC's doing what now with Batman?

Chief Muckity-Muck at Warner Bros Jeff Rabinov announced this morning that there are plans to reboot the Batman franchise almost immediately after The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters. Oh yeah, and they're going to make a Justice League movie. This is of course a scatterrshot sort of response to the 34 movies Marvel has planned to release over the next 4 years.

I'm glad DC finally figured out that less isn't more. More is more, dammit. That's how Dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.

Ok, let's stop quoting Iron Man for a second and think about this. The new Batman franchise is supposedly going to be developed independently of the Justice League movie. That means in theory you could have a different Batman on screen every year for the next 3 years starting in 2012. What a great idea that is. How on earth can the WB think playing pin the tail on the actor with Batman is a good idea but Nic Cage superman isn't!? I'm starting to really get worried that I'm never going to get the screaming neurotic drug addled Superman I so deserve.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra is hilarious

So like any big celebrity the cobra that escaped the Bronx Zoo over the weekend has started up his own twitter. So far he has about 30,000 followers, which is kind of sad. Charlie Sheen has almost 2 million followers and not only is he not as funny as the snake, he's neither venomous or poisonous. Advantage Bronx Zoo Cobra.

find more at twitter.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Internet is making us crazy

img via toothpaste for diner

Remember the 1990s when everyone was making money on the internet but then it turned out no one was really making money on the internet? If only those guys back then had known the secret to making money on the net was cats. Cats and Trollfaces. Cats, Trollfaces and Rickrolls. Cats, Trollfaces, Rickrolls and Sad Keanus...

Andrew Baron, operator of Rocketboom, confirmed on his blog that the popular internet culture encyclopedia Know Your Meme has been purchased by Ben Huh’s Cheezburger Network for a “a super seven figure deal.” The announcement on Baron’s blog comes shortly after the news was broken by Tubefilter earlier this afternoon.

The Cheezburger network, which includes such web staples as Fail Blog, Memebase, and The Daily What, recently raised over $30 million with plans for a large-scale expansion of the network’s staff and the sites they operate.

via geekosystem

67 years ago my Grandfather was in his 20s fighting Nazis on the beaches of Europe. Today I'm blogging about other bloggers that blog about pictures of cats saying funny things making millions of dollars. You tell me, which is the greatest of generations? ..wait it's not mine?

Yakuza Weapon looks slightly entertaining

I wasn't going to run with this, but good gravy there is nothing happening today.

In the long standing tradition of Japanese gore fests I bring you Yakuza Weapon. In it some dude gets blown apart by a gatling gun, only to be put together as the most awesomest Yakuza Weapon. It's kinda like RoboCop but with less Chrysler Sebrings.

This trailer has been making a lot of hay on the net today, but am I the only one that thinks it looks like a complete rip off of Machine Girl?

oh yeah I guess this is NSFW. I mean it's safe for Youtube so you know.. whatever that means.

Monday Morning Links

The 25 Best Stories in Video Games.This list is a good read, but it's just way way wrong. No way Red Dead Redemption should clock in at #21, especially behind overrated nonsense like Deus Ex or God of War.

Seinfeld Episodes that couldn't happen today. Essentially every Seinfeld episode falls apart if they had cell phones. Just one more reason cell phones are awful.

Professional Wrestling's greatest injuries. I had completely forgotten about the time Nash dropped big show right on his head. Man those were good times.

March Modok Madness. Forget college basketball. Modok is the best part of March.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Overtly sexual Serena Williams will scare you into playing video game tennis

In a country the size of the United States I'm sure you'll find at least 5 or 6 people that think Serena Williams is attractive but even they wouldn't say she's the sexiest woman in tennis. Also who is this sexiest tennis gamer chick? Should we know her? Was she chosen by some reality show on the WB that I missed?

This might be the worst execution of the idea that sex sells ever.

Friday, March 25, 2011

4,8 and 16-bit Deaths Galore

This is an awesome compilation of old school video game deaths. It looks like it runs from Atari to SNES. Man I wish my 2600 still worked. I talked with the Russian guy who runs the vintage video game shop by my house and I think he said he could fix it for 50 bucks. It was either that or he wanted to buy my wife. It could have been both.

I will never be cool again

I've been holding off on posting all the Friday parodies I've seen because I found their lack of faith in the force disturbing. Luckily here's Chad Vader.

btw, I love that Darth Vader drinks Jarritos. Lime is f'ing delicious.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard Charger: Wide Open

Hard Charger: Wide Open is a machinema by L.J. Carantan, made from Grand Theft Auto IV. It might be the awesomest car chase I've ever seen, seriously. I hated GTA IV but this video has me thinking I should give the game a second chance... freakin incredible.

That's not how rhetorical questions work

College Humor has this new webseries called Troopers staring Aubrey Plaza of Community. I saw the first one a couple weeks ago and didn't think much of it. However our friends at ToplessRobot posted the newest one, and it's pretty good. I'd like to think that if I was a stormtrooper and a princess was assigned to my level I'd try the mood lighting bit too.

New Captain America trailer is early

So here's the real deal new trailer for Captain America. It's awesome. The only small small issue I have with this is that it really looks like they're playing down Nazi Germany and setting up Hydra as the real villain of WWII. I was really hoping for a scene where Cap punches out Hitler just like in the comics.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stand by these Links

10 Films better than the book. Again, I've only read one of these books. Damn you flavorwire! Would it kill you to dumb down yours lists a bit?

The top 6 terrible Spider-Man tattoos. Someone stole my tattoo idea! I'll just have to go with my back up, a huge punisher skull all across my torso.

10 Sexy Superheroine costumes that aren't. Good list with the exception of Huntress. Her costume is awesome, leave the ab window alone!

I'm an anonymous woman gamer. This is a great read about sexism on-line. I've pretty much missed the point by including a pic of SoCal Val fixing a computer in her underwear.

Captain America trailer preview

Supposedably there's a new Captain America trailer hitting the net on Friday. ET had your annoyingly exclusive first look. If you can bear through the voiceover, at the very end of the clip you get to see Cap throwing his shield.

Also there was this.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That's a lot of sex

So here's a fun clip showing just how many times the word sex is used in a single episode of Secret Life of an American Teenager. A show that I think is supposed to teach kids that they shouldn't have premarital sex. Sadly I've seen the entire first season and the only thing I learned was that compared to Secret Life, 90210 was freakin' Shakespeare. How they got Tom Wopat to be on it I'll never know..

...or was it John Schneider?

It's a cloud, a cloud of books!

If you're like me you find yourself overwhelmed by all the selections at the bookstore at least a couple times a month. Well my amigo, we're in luck.

David McCandless has compiled the results of more than 15 esteemed book polls, surveys, and lists in order to create a “consensus cloud” of the most frequently chosen titles across the board.

via flavorwire

I like to think of myself as fairly well read so I was surprised just how many of these I haven't read. I just finished Fahrenheit 451 and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep last month and I'm about halfway through Stranger in a Strange Land so I guess I'm making some progress. There's no way I'm reading the Davinci Code though. I'm afraid that all the Clive Cussler books I read already fulfil my pulpy crap quota.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thunderwear: the sexy holster

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Thunderwear (patent pending). The holster that doubles as underwear. Well actually it doesn't double as underwear as much as it tucks down below your waistband between your underwear and your jean shorts. Lets face it, Thunder-concealed-reverse-fannypack doesn't have the same zip.

Thunderwear is a new approach to concealed carry holsters, and is not like anything else I have yet to see on the market. The basic design looks much more like a nail apron than anything else. An elastic waistband, secured by velcro at either side, wraps around the wearer's middle, just below the navel. The 'apron' portion of the device has several pockets sewn in, suitable for a gun, extra magazines or speed trips, mini-flashlight or Persuader baton.

Seriously... persuader baton. I am not making this up.

Just to prove how awesome and life saving the Thunderwear holster is they're provided us with a nice photo set I like to call "Hedge your Bets".

Damn, I'm impressed. Did you see that guy stop that dude with the bat? (which on second look doesn't really look like a bat. I think it might be rolled up cardboard with a duct tape handle) That was intense!

Ok, Thunderwear you've almost sold me. Do you have any owner testimonials? That would really seal the deal.

"Went swimming with my Colt Mustang today, I forgot I was Packing, LUV IT, but was very embarrassed at the pool" R.R. Orlando Florida.

Oh Double R, I can't count the number of times I've been embarrassed by my "gun" at the pool. It's the cold water I swear!

This game fills my needs of enjoyment

Ok if my 11 year old ever sent me a list like this on why he should be allowed a video game, I would buy him all the M rated games he wants. Hell, why stop at the game? I'd buy him some cigars and booze to go with it. Hooking up your underage friends with beer and smokes will make you way more popular than Call of Duty will.

Will Spoiler be in the Dark Knight Rises?

Yes, yes she will. Well she'll be there in spirit, if not in name.

The casting rumors for The Dark Knight Rises just don't stop. The latest is that indie superstar Juno Temple has been cast as a "street smart gotham girl", which lets face it is Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, aka Robin, aka Batgirl.

Nolan and Christian Bale have publicly said that there was no way Robin would ever be in any of the Batman movies they make, but that doesn't completely eliminate Spoiler. As a character she seems to fit into the universe they've created, at least she's a much better fit than Batgirl or Robin. Other than the fact that they're already juggling 3 villains and a new love interest, I don't see how it couldn't work.

Of course I'm always way wrong on these things (I'm still pulling for a Joseph Gordon Levitt as the Joker cameo, which will never happen), watch Juno Temple will end up being Catwoman's sidekick or something lame.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My eyes, the goggles do nothing!

So here's our first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. It's awful right? I'm not missing something am I? I looks like one of those "sexy superhero" costume google ads that show up on every comic blog during October. Actually most of those look better.

I'm starting to get worried that this pilot won't get picked up. I mean this looks so awful I have to see it. Maybe they'll put it on iTunes like they did with that Aquaman pilot from a couple years ago.

New Game of Thrones Trailer

Here's the newest new trailer for HBO's Game of Thrones. It looks like on this one they cranked up the partial nudity dial to 11.

I really wish HBO would stop releasing these trailers. I really don't want to end up with a 3 month trial for HBO. The last time I was suckered into that I spent nearly 7 months paying $200 a month for cable and internet. If only there was some way to download TV shows for free on the internet...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now that's how you sell real estate

Australian realtors Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins know how to sell a house: sex and guns. Seriously, if this isn't directed by Michael Bay then I'll eat my hat.

btw, this is my 1000th blog post. yay me.

bttw, no reason to tell my wife about this one.

So this happened

... 'cause if anyone knows embarrassment

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I wish it was Friday, Friday already

Sometimes I take it for granted that all my friends are as internet savy (ie nerdy) as myself and I'll skip posting something that's awesome but is so ubiquitous that I feel it's hardly worth the effort. Well I don't want to make that mistake with Rebecca Black's new smash single Friday. Go ahead take a listen, I'll be here waiting...

.. ok so obviously this is a joke. Some rich grandpa shelled out a bunch of money so his little sweetie could appear in a music video. It's not like we're dealing with Lady Gaga here, where the wool has been pulled over everone's eyes, everyone knows this song is awful. "I’d rather hear gunshots from my childs bedroom than a new Rebecca Black song" is my favorite review.

But here's the rub, since hitting the web last weekend, Friday has been viewed on youtube almost 10 million times and the song just hit #69 on iTunes' top 100. So here's your new Justin Bieber.. Rebecca Black.

I'm pretty sure this is why the Mayan calendar doesn't go past 2012.

Chicken Links

10 Reality Stars who failed at life. Did you know Trishelle both posed for Playboy and wrestled with Hulk Hogan after her stint on the real world? Combine both of those nuggets to her new chicken hands and clearly she's winning, not failing.

Kid makes hilarious homemade XXX comic. eh, I'll wait for the trades.

Dynasty Warriors 7 intro is stupid awesome. I've never understood these games. I'm supposed to fight a boss? Which one's the boss? Why is everything flashing? Where am I on the map? Where do I get more health? When are we going to play basketball?

Even more Cosplay from this year's Emerald City Comic Con

yay friendship!

As advertised, here's some more cosplay from the 2011 Emerald City Comic-Con. Sorry I didn't get these up faster, I was to busy working on my son's Wolverine costume for next year. For whatever reason Logan refuses to grow out his sideburns, so we're going to have to go with fake ones. He's never going to get anywhere with this kind of diva attitude.

I'm not sure if this was Batman or a cop in riot gear.

This must have happened before Joker shot Batgirl.

Continuity errors everywhere!

I like the idea that Boba Fett started bounty hunting in elementary school

best deadpool ever

Emma Frost costumes always look cold.

Boba's extended family?

female booster gold? why I never..

"quick someone's stealing from the quarter bin. Avengers Assemble!"

Spot on Rogue, this might be the best costume of the entire con.

I don't remember Scooby being that small, or Velma that hot.

great Tony Stark. Sometimes simple beats elaborate.

more continuity errors!

My son and I are going to ruin these guys as Sabertooth and Wolverine.

maaakkkee ooouuuuutttt

I want to give credit where credit is due. I found all these awesome pics on various flickr streams and google image searches. Here are the links.

slideless in seattle
socal photography
phantom of the opera 111
reis o'brien



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