Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Geeky movie round up

Here's some random comic book movie news from the last week or so accompanied by random comic book-ish pictures.

Lets start with former Marvel comics artist and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld leaking some news via twitter about a possible Wolverine/X-Men spin-off staring Deadpool.
Walking into Deadpool movie meeting!!! Yowza!

Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!

Deadpool movie- YES! Ryan Reynolds is on board!!!

Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!

Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!
~ Rob Liefeld via twitter (ugh)

Dang that's a lot of exclamation points... Ryan Reynolds was excellent as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he was also in the movie for like 3 minutes and by the end of the film they had completely botched the Deadpool character. I want to believe this movie could be awesome, but seeing how it'll be made by Fox I'm not holding my breath.

Here's some news on a Spider-man 3 spin-off no one wants
Now Sony is going forward with a Venom spinoff movie, which pretty much has fans split down the middle. Will it finally do the fanged black-ooze baddie justice, or will it be more of the same? The good news is that Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been tasked with penning the project (Zombieland is awesome, so fingers crossed).

Today Wernick confirmed to us that the project is still moving forward and the writing team has turned the script in to the suits at Sony. "We've written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they're pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward," Wernick told SCI FI Wire in an exclusive interview.
~ Sci-Fi Wire

Venom can be a great villain, but all through the 90s Marvel proved that he's an awful good guy. If Sony wants to make a Venom movie in the horror/action mold akin to something like Predator or Aliens it would be sweet. However, If they try to do the whole anti-hero thing with Venom you might as well subtitle the movie Venom: Box Office Poison.

And lastly and oldie but a goodie. From the Iron Man 2 Mickey Rourke explains how he brings a little something extra to the character of Whiplash...
Rourke, for his part, wanted to instill some lightness into the role. “I told Favreau, ‘I don’t want to just play him as a one-dimensional pussy’” he says. “He let me have a cockatoo, who I talk to and get drunk with while I’m making my suit.”
~ Cinematical

That's right, nothing says fully dimensional characterization like giving a character a random pet for a side-kick. Thanks Mickey, you're a gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Call me old fashioned, but I just don't get twitter. And not like "it's a series of tubes" don't get it. I understand how and why it works, I just don't understand why 3 million people would care about what Ashton Kutcher is doing at any given moment. Of course as much as I can't stand twitter I absolutely love this youtube series Twits. So I guess everyone is a winner here. Except maybe Brooke Hogan, I'm no doctor but from the sounds of her symptoms I'm pretty sure she has swine flu.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The best worst thing ever

I'm sure the inventor of the PS3's sixaxis controller totally had this in mind when he was working on the motion control features. No really, I'm sure this is exactally what he had in mind.

... and yes if you're not sure you just saw what you just saw. In the new Ninja Gaiden game you can control how much your character's giant boobs shake by shaking the controller.

Passive Aggressive Monday

I'm really to busy to post anything good today, not that it matters what with all 5 of you that have signed up to be followers of this blog. Go check out while I work on my tps reports.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dead Rising 2 just went off the deep end

Apparently the multiplayer portion of Dead Rising 2 is going to be like an American Gladiators style show with zombies. I'm pretty sure about the only thing left for the developers could throw into this game is some sort of mode where the DVD will wash my car.

I'm pretty sure that if I end up missing my child's first steps its going to be because I was playing this game.

Cash for Clunkers still sucks

Jalopnik had a great article the other day detailing the Ten Most Exotic Cars Destroyed By Cash For Clunkers. On it's surface the article highlights just how stupid some auto buyers can be. Who in their right mind would "junk" an '87 Buick GNX? And that's when it hit me. No one junked a Buick GNX. There were only 500 of these beauties ever made and in mint condition they can go for $50,000 plus. Even if the car is barely running you could part it out for $10,000 easy. There isn't a dealership alive that would kill one of these things, much less a Bentley Continental R or a Rouch Stage 3 F-150 or a BMW 850i. However, I'm sure there are plenty of shady auto dealers out there that would gladly fill out a few forms and cash a 4500 dollar check from the government.

This whole program has really shaken my faith in the current administration. It's such a bad idea compounded by terrible execution how come no there realizes it? Why do they all chalk it up as a big win? Whatever man.. I voted for Kodos.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sexpresso stand is heavy on the sex.. not so much on the espresso part

that my friends is a rape van, those ladies better cover up or start running!

Bikini Baristas! Prostitution! Undercover Police Stings! Naked Basetball! This story really has it all. Take it away Seattle times.

EVERETT — Five baristas have been charging customers to touch their breasts and buttocks at an espresso stand where servers wear bikinis to draw business, police said. The five were charged Wednesday with prostitution. Charging money for that kind of touching falls under the city's definition of prostitution.

The Everett Herald reports the women were charging up to $80 to strip down while fixing lattes and mochas.

During a two-month investigation, detectives also saw the women lick whipped cream off each other and pose naked for pictures at the Grab-n-Go Espresso stand in Everett, about 30 miles north of Seattle

I love the idea that this investigation took two months and that the stand is called "grab-n-go".

During one visit, a barista allegedly told a (undercover) detective that for $20, she and another barista would give him a show. He paid and they bared their breasts and pulled down their undergarments.

again the police did this for 2 months

The women also charged customers to play "basketball," a game in which customers threw wadded up money at the women, who caught the money in their underwear, detectives said.

Wait a minute? They charged customers money for the right to throw even more money at them? Did these ladies work for Enron? That's shear genius! Forget charging them with prostitution, I think the governor needs to hire these gals as consultants for the state budget department. There has to be some way we can trick Canada into giving us some of that sweet Olympics cash they're gonna be rolling in this winter.

I am faster than 80% of all snakes

If you're going to waste time at work today surfing the interwebs, you could do a lot worse than the Timeless wisdom of Dwight Schrute.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At least the new Star Wars toys don't suck

If you hooked me up to a lie detector and asked me why I wanted to have kids I'll freely admit playing with kick ass toys would be near the top of my list. If that sounds stupid to you then obviously you haven't seen this motorized lego AT-AT. Check out the list of features;

•An opening cockpit and rotating laser cannons!
•Motorized Walking AT-AT really walks and its head moves up and down!
•Handle on top allows for easy transport!
•Stands over 12" (30 cm) tall and over 14" (36 cm) long!
•Includes AT-AT Pilot, General Veers, Snowtrooper and Luke Skywalker with grappling line and lightsaber!
•Includes battery box and motor!
•Requires 6 AA (1.5V) batteries, not included.

The box says it's for kids 14 and older, but I'm pretty sure that once he's born I could safely strap my son on the top of this thing. That helps make this a practical investment since we won't need a stroller.

~thanks to for the find

The Nightman Commeth. Live! The review!

Sitting in the audience watching the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia perform the Nightman Commeth was kind of like sharing an inside joke with 2,500 strangers. It's Always Sunny is a great show but other than like 6 of my best friends I don't know anyone that watches it. Which of course gives a live performance of their opus the Nightman Commeth the indie cred of like a thousand Stephen Malkmuses (which I believe you can exchange for a hundred Conor Obersts). But I digress.. The show was awesome the crowd was live, the stars were hilarious, and the low production value feel of the whole evening kept the experience friendly. Kinda like you were hanging out at charlie's place huffing glue and eating cat food. In short the evening was bad ass.

Here's a few minutes of the show from the House of Blues in Boston, where I'm sure they were treated to many pints of Sam Adams by Tommy from Quinzee.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting to know your DWTS cast; Michael Irvin

"Whoooo, that's a stabbin'"

Michael Irvin is probably one of the most accomplished athletes to ever appear on Dancing With The Stars. Arguably the most dominant wide receiver of his era, Irvin won a national championship with the University of Miami, 3 Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys and was recently inducted into the NFL hall of fame.

Oh yeah he also once stabbed a teammate in the neck with a pair of scissors. He's also been arrested 3 different times, each time he was found with drugs (coke or weed) on him. This guy couldn't even do charity right.

Michael financed a Cowboys charity basketball team called the Hoopsters that had its own private plane, which was mostly used to hold airborne orgies, with Irvin dictating who should be f-ing who. “There was nothing Mike couldn’t think of,” said his assistant. “He had quite the imagination.”

Irvin also charged huge personal appearance fees for the Hoopsters to show up at events. In one case, he charged the Little Dribblers of Fairfield Texas $5,600 to appear, then RAISED the fee, then failed to show up and refused to refund the original money after the organizer balked at paying the increased charge. Irvin also slugged a volunteer ref during one of the team’s games.

Thanks you ABC/Disney you've finally given me someone to root for more horrible than Tucker Carlson.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Craig Bellamy would have stabbed this guy in the face

This is easily the best pitch invasion video I've ever seen. I guess this happened in Russia over the weekend. I hope the guy enjoys his time in the gulag!

Ivar Haglund; Advertising Visionary

Ivar Haglund is one of those legendary Seattle figures, like Jimi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Squatch or Jim Kim. In 1938 he established Seattle's first aquarium at Pier 54, along with a fish-and-chips stand. In 1946 Ivar established the renowned "Acres of Clams" restaurant. By 1965, when he began lofting fireworks over Elliott Bay and called it "Fourth of Jul-Ivars" he had firmly cemented his place in Seattle's history.

Now, more than 24 years after he died at age 79, Ivar Haglund apparently has managed one more fantastic stunt. Underwater billboards that date to around 1954.

The billboards were made of stainless steel and are anchored 55 to 80 feet deep to the bottom of Puget Sound with solid concrete footings. The story is that back in the 50's Ivar took a peek into the future and the future was full of submarines. He sunk these billboards into the sound where he thought submarine traffic would be the heaviest and then apparently forgot all about the project.

Thankfully a researcher working on an Ivar Haglund Biography found the plans for these long lost underwater billboards and hired a dive team to dig up... ok, I can't do it anymore...

This is obviously an advertising hoax. But who cares? It's an awesome hoax. Check out the pictures of the divers pulling these signs out of the water. You tell me that's not awesome.

Or is it a hoax? I mean that's a pretty gnarly looking sign right there. Is it possible this lovable old coot thought he was getting ahead of the competition by advertising 10 leagues under the sea? Check out the mini-documentary over at the Ivar's website, and come to your own conclusion.

Craig Bellamy demands satisfaction

Bellamy & Garrido - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Craig Bellamy has the crazy eyes. Look at him the wrong way and he'll kneecap you with a 9 iron. So guess what happened when a fan ran out onto the field during this weekends Manchester Derby? That's right, Bellamy ran half the length of the field just to smack the guy in the face while security held him down. You stay classy Craig Bellamy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lazer Cheese, now with more Pew Pew

oh Japan, is there anything you can't do?

Demotivation; Just what you need for the Weekend

Here's some fake motivational posters. That is all.

In a compltely unrelated subject Wolf Blitzer played the part of Sean Connery on last nights Celebrity Jeopardy. Now I know Celebrity Jeopardy is played for charity so finishing in the negatives doesn't really mean anything but I hope Alex Trebek got to shake Wolf Blitzer down at the end of the show Stewie and Brian style.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's a nice looking goat you have there

Remember a week ago when I told you the people of Walmart was going to be huge. Well I was right. What's next you ask? The Cars of Walmart of course.

Ok, so it's not it's own website but a forum that's collected all the best car pictures from people of walmart. Just look at the pictures and stop asking questions or your grounded.

At least it's not a cougar

This is why I don't want a cat. Heaven forbid you forget it's favorite flavor of fancy feast, if you do you're libel to come home to a facefull of gauss rifle. I just hope this thing isn't outfitted with jump jets.

~ via geekologie

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Kanye Bros

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night so when I saw this Kanye/Marios Bros mash up I laughed for about 10 minutes then I passed out in my bowl of captain crunch.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finish Him! is pretty much just what it sounds like, and yeah it is as awesome as it sounds.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Whose Responsible This?

You don't really need to know the backstory behind this Internet meme to really enjoy it but it helps. Basically some kid got a bit of unwanted publicity for his disturbing pokeman slash-fiction via topless robot's fan fiction friday. After he received this unwanted attention he wrote a pretty awesome hate letter.

Brickhousebunny21 said:
WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW. Who did this on purpose, huh? I found this little secret and I'm so angry I wanna know who did this and why or I'll report everyone here to the site moderaters on this website and Yiffstar and have the one responsible BANNED FOR LIFE. NOW TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW?

After being poked fun of for both his poor grammar and his penchant for pokemon slash-fic, he further defended himself.

Brickhousebunny21: Fisrt, nobody checks spellling on the internet!!!! SEcond, I"m only in high school, so give me a fucking break!!! Third, I am what they call the best of the best, so mock all you want, but I have my fans, and they lvoe my stories!!!!

And thus an Internet meme was born. Now when you see some lolcat saying "whose responsible this" you'll laugh on a completely different level.

Kanye West blows as hard as MTV's video player does

If you listened to any top 40 radio this morning, you already know the "big" story of the day but if you're over 13 and not a morning DJ you might have missed it. Basically Kanye West made a jackass of himself at last nights MTV Video Music Awards (BTW, what kid of brass ones do they have over at MTV? Honestly, a video music awards show? When's the last time they showed a video, 1998?). I could go on and on, but lets ask Taylor Swift how it felt.

“I was standing on stage and I was really excited because I’d just won the award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage,” Swift recalled after the show. “And then I wasn’t excited anymore after that.”

update! this mash up of obama/kanye is 1000 times better than anything from the VMAs

Friday, September 11, 2009

Special Ops bunny for your friday link

8 ways to prepare your pets for war (the oatmeal)

I thought about doing a 9/11 post, but I'm pretty lazy and this bunny in night vision goggles is pretty cute.

Not in twenty JILLION years!

how could you not believe this face?

So for the 20 people that still play Guitar Hero over Rock Band, it was pretty big news that Kurt Cobain was going to be included as an unlockable character in Rock Band 5. I guess it was also pretty big news to Courtney Love. She rocked out on her twitter this week with the following;
"not in twenty JILLION years would i EVER have allowed this and this islethal."
"we get NO money for this, travesty, Frances gets NO money for the rape."

~ she never would have allowed it, but the real travesty is that her daughter isn't getting paid? And as far as "the rape" goes, I'm pretty sure Kurt wrote a song titled "Rape Me", so really wasn't he kinda asking for it?

But wait there's more, Courtney wasn't the only one chiming in on this. The other boys from Nirvana released a statement (I'm guessing not via twitter. You can tell by the lack of the word rape).
"While we were aware of Kurt's image being used with two Nirvana songs, we didn't know players have the ability to unlock the character," they said. "This feature allows the character to be used with any kind of song the player wants. We urge Activision to do the right thing in 're-locking' Kurt's character so that this won't continue in the future."

~ yahoo news

There's a line there that I feel bears repeating. "This feature allows the character to be used with any kind of song the player wants". Oh sweet Moses! What kind of anarchy is this!? If you start letting players use a character with any song they want, where's it end? Before you know it Obama is killing your grandma via death panel.

Oh yeah, it should be noted that Acitivision acquired the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Love but I don't think they twittered about it. I'm pretty sure it doesn't legally count.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

d3M0nSl4yEr is watching Boobarella 4

what, you thought I'd use a picture of d3M0nSl4yEr?

With Sony's recent price drop on the PS3 the decision between buying a PS3 and an X-Box 360 isn't as clear cut as it used to be. But it might be a bit easier for some if Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch has anything to say about it.

"Our point is pretty simple," Hirsch told Kotaku. "As long as age verification is in place that (Sony) feels comfortable with we see no reason why adults shouldn't be allowed to access adult movies on the Playstation."

Streaming porn on the PS3? There's no way that could really happen, right? Oh wait, it's already happening in Japan. Of course in Japan I'm pretty sure they stream porn in hospitals and churches, so I guess everything is relative.

Yahoo Seriously though, Up until the recent price drop, the PS3 has been getting it's hat handed to it by the 360. Would streaming porn be enough to swing the tide Sony's way? It's been reported that in the early 80s the availability of porn on the VHS format was one of the biggest reasons it won the VCR format war over it's rival Betamax (ironically enough Betamax was developed by Sony). Could this be a similar situation or is this whole story just a way for me to pad some hits? Only MEGAN FOX LESBIAN KISS NUDE will know for sure!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Dreamcast is dead. Long live the Dreamcast!

Well here it is, 9/9/09 the tenth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast. The gaming system so awesome no one bought it. Well I shouldn't say no one. On 9/9/99 the Dreamcast had one of the biggest launches in video game console history (for whatever that's worth). The problem with the Dreamcast wasn't so much the launch as it was what happened after the launch, namely a whole lot of nothing. Developer support was a bit sparse (some of the bigger names like EA ignored the console completely) and people who got burned on the awfulness that was the Sega Saturn or the Sega CD weren't that thrilled at the thought of shelling out almost 300 dollars for a system everyone assumed would be crushed by the looming Playstaytion 2. It's really too bad. The Dreamcast was a great system (so great I bought 2 on the launch day). It was packed with all kinds of technology that was ahead of it's time, hell even the Dev Kit looked bad-ass.

Anyhoo, I could go on forever about how great the DC was, but let's just get on with the list. Here are my top 10 Sega Dreamcast games. Yeah I know my list sucks because Phantasy Star On-line isn't on here, tough on you. 10 years ago I was young and thought on-line RPGs were super weak. 10 years later and now I'm old and I think on-line RPGs are super weak.

This was the game that really sold me on the DC. The graphics crushed any football game of the time, and the playability was right on par with Madden. In some aspects I felt NFL2k was actually far superior to Madden. The ability to call your plays on the VMU in the controller is still the best solution to a problem that's plagued football games since Tecmo Bowl. Your jerk friend looking at your controller and cheating.

NBA 2K1 was the Serena Williams to NFL2k's Venus Williams. NFL2k may have showed everyone how great sports games on the DC could be, but NBA2K1 really took it to the next level. Controls, gameplay, graphics, for a basketball sim this game could not be beat.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Spider-Man and Wolverine vs Ryu and Guile? Thank you sally! Marvel vs Capcom 2 was probably the last really great console fighter up until the release of Street Fighter 4 earlier this year. The controls with the DC weren't ideal but a crisp D-pad made up for having to rely on the shoulder triggers for attacks. A lesson the the X-box 360 could stand to learn.

Crazy Taxi
Crazy taxi was just a fun game. It was great in the Arcade and the port over to the DC was pretty much flawless.

Soul Calibur
Ahh good old Soul Calibur. This was one of those games that really highlighted the disparity between the current generation of consoles at that time and the Dreamcast. The Graphics were crisp and bright, polygon counts were high and the framerate was smooth as silk (at least it was up until you fought the end boss). Of course none of that stuff would have mattered if it wasn't fun to play and holy cow was it fun to play.

Shenmue was pretty much the perfect counterpart to the DC. Completely ahead of it's time and totally ignored.

Power Stone
Power Stone was a great party game. Fun and addictive it was easy to sit down and lose hours playing this one with your friends.

Jet Grind Radio
Jet Grind Radio is one of those concepts that could only come from Japan. You're a rave kid on roller blades fighting off the tyranny of an oppressive government with an arsenal of music and graffiti. Less Tony hawk and more Mario, Jet Grind Radio was really a unique game that a lot of people just didn't get even when it got a second chance as Jet Set Radio for the X-box.

Tony Hawk 2
Tony Hawk 2 was pretty much the peak of the Tony Hawk franchise. You could argue that 3 was really the better game but just like Kramer was when he said The Search for Spock was better than The Wrath of Kahn, you'd be wrong. This was another example of a game that was just soul crushing to play if you owned it for the Playstation. It looked and played so much better on DC it was redonkulous.

Sega Bass Fishing
The fishing controller was a lot like riding around on a Vespa. Sure you looked like an idiot using it but it was fun as hell. I'll take virtual fishing over real fishing anytime. It's a lot easier to get a cold beer from the fridge when you're virtual fishing.

As an awesome super bonus, here's a guy playing Soul Calibur with the DC fishing controller.



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