Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wasting Your Life

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Old Ass Links

This Old Ass Commodore 64 Is Still Being Used to Run an Auto Shop in Poland. That's pretty impressive. I mean sure it's Poland so you'd expect them to be using something old but I wouldn't have guessed anything older than a 486. I'll bet someone contacts them and buys it for a boatload of cash. I don't know what a running Commodore 64 goes for on Ebay but I'm guessing it's a good 40 or 50 bucks. In Poland that would probably buy you a second Auto Shop.

The 15 Most Spot-On Superhero Movie Portrayals Of All Time. This list is not ideal. The problem is with the term "spot on", do they mean closest to the comic book? If that's the case you can't put Black Widow or Scarlet Witch on here at all. Black Widow talked with a Russian accent in the comics for like 20 years. Scarlet Witch in the comics is pretty much a gypsy and really looks nothing like Elizabeth Olsen. Also Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool should be much much higher. Probably higher than Chris Evans as Cap.

My top 3 in no particular order are Reynolds as Deadpool, Picard as Professor X and Wesley Snipes as Blade.

Take that to the click bank website I've never heard of before.

The First Half Of Fight Club Was In A Movie You Never Saw. Come on now Cracked, if you think I haven't seen Cloak and Dagger staring Dabney Coleman you are sorely mistaken. Of course I was like 8 and I don't remember it being a prequel to Fight Club at all. This article has definitely been swimming in the Trump end of the pool but it's pretty interesting. If nothing else it highlights just how messed up of a movie Cloak and Dagger really was.

Gal Gadot Tries On Lingere in This Clip From Keeping Up With The Jonses. Is Gal Gadot nine feet tall or is Isla Fisher like four foot nine. Seriously this is like When Rocky fought Thunderlips and he barely came up to his nipples. Is she standing on a box? Maybe that store has a problem with warped flooring?

2016 Rose City Comic Con Video

I think I mentioned before that I've been trying to find a good Rose City Comic Con Cosplay video with little luck. It looks like this video by tyty television is about as good as it's going to get. They didn't get a ton of footage from the show floor but they got some really nice footage of the big Cosplay contest. The contest was a lot of fun, I'm really going to try and catch the contest at ECCC next year to see how it compares.

Speaking of costumes I'm in a real pickle for Halloween this year. For like the last 5 years my default Halloween costume has been low budget Han Solo. It's a costume that has served me well. My problem is that this year my son wants to go as Kylo Ren. What's the problem with that you ask? He's pretty much forbade me from breaking out the Han Solo costume. Why this year! If he's going as Kylo this is the PERFECT time to go as Han Solo. Think of all the fun we could have with him stabbing me!

I don't know of what other cheapo costume I can put together to go with his Kylo Ren costume. He thinks I should be one of the Knights of Ren but that's not exactly something you can buy off the rack.

World War I Seen Through Battlefield

Someone put together a bit of a highlight reel from the Battlefield 1 Beta that I believe just closed. It's basically full of glitches. Hopefully EA and Dice get everything worked out before they launch the game this October. I stayed away from Battlefield 4 partially due to burn out on that style of game and partially because I heard it was pretty buggy at launch. Online shooters like that are pretty rough to jump into after they've been out for a while and if they're buggy right off the bat, what fun is that?

Funny compilation of bugs aside, I'm not sure if I'm ready to revisit the Battlefield franchise just yet. I feel like I still have a lot of Overwatch left in me and when I finally do burn out on that one, I can't imagine I'm going to want to pick up another on-line fps right away. Still, it's a cool looking game. I hope it does well. Or I don't, really why do I even care? It's not like I have stock in EA or something.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Junk Food

Nintendo 64 Rap! Back To The 90's!

I'm so far behind on posts for the month it's silly. I don't know what happened. Usually I fall behind when I go on vacation but I think I took all of one day off this month. Maybe it's because I haven't been feeling good. Yesterday I slept for 10 hours and still woke up exhausted. I think I have Sars. Basically what I'm getting at is HERE COME THE UNVETTED YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

I haven't actually listened to this yet, It's probably corny as hell. When it comes to white people rapping about Nintendo games my standards are INCREDIBLY HIGH. Still it gives me a second to complain about how expensive old games are. I remember when you could go to a video game store and buy used NES cartridges for one or two bucks. You know how much the average SNES cart goes for these days? $19.99. I bought Bayonetta 2 on the WiiU for less than that just a week ago. The secondary market for old games has gotten out of control. Heaven forbid you're looking for something cool like Super Metroid or Conker's Bad Fur day. Be prepared to pay $40 my friend.

At this point its hard for me to feel too guilty for downloading a bunch of ROMS and building a RetroPie. Playing older games is a lot of fun but man that novelty wears off really quickly. I fired up WCW/NWO Revenge the other day and it was great, for like 20 minutes. Haven't played it since. No way I'm spending new game money on an old game I'll play once every 6 months.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Week Tonight: Scandals

Everyone in my office has Debate fever so I figured I'd post this as a nice reminder to everyone that Comedy Central totally f-ed up when they let John Oliver go to HBO. Those two months where he filled in for John Stewart while he was filming a movie should have proved to them that he was the heir apparent. I know Stewart was still under contract then but they should have thrown a dump truck after dump truck full of cash at him until he stayed. I'll be if Oliver was on the Daily Show the Nightly Show wouldn't have been canceled. Comedy Central could stand to let one of those two shows stick around while they found their footing but not both.

Anyway, we're getting precariously close to electing Donald Trump our supreme leader. All he has to do tonight is not shit himself and everyone will be claiming its a victory. I'm pretty sure he'll be the first WWE Hall of Famer elected president. That's not a good thing.

Final Luke Cage Trailer

So I guess this is the final Luke Cage trailer. It's been a good run. I look forward to following back up with this series in December when everything is in reruns and I have time to watch something on Netflix. My wife gets Entertainment Weekly (I don't know why either) and they only gave the show a B-. Its the first official review for it I've seen but I take it with a grain of salt. They also didn't give Daredevil S2 a very good review in particular saying the parts with the Punisher weren't very good. Talk about a swing and a miss. The parts with the Punisher were easily the best part of the season. Also Season 2 was probably better than Season 1. Whatever, I'm not going to let BIG REVIEW stand between me and something I want to check out.

Remind me to eat those words when Wonder Woman gets terrible reviews and I get all high and mighty about how terrible DC's movies are.

Friday, September 23, 2016

ReCore, Launch Trailer

Have you guys seen commercial for this new Xbox One game ReCore? Just randomly the other day my son was watching YouTube on the roku and this popped up as an ad and it looks really cool. I know nothing else about the game yet but a cool trailer is still a cool trailer. A little while ago Microsoft announced that all Xbox One games would make their way to Windows 10 so I guess that means that this exclusive will get ported to PC? When is that supposed to happen? Lets get on that. I mean lets not get on it too soon, I just mentioned I have all that Overwatch left to play. Lets say 6 more months. By 6 months I want to be playing Forza and Halo. Someone get on that.

To Inktober Or Not To Inktober

Every October a large part of the internet art community participates in a thing called Inktober. It's basically a challenge to draw something with ink every day of the month. I'd guess most artists don't finish something every day but it's kinda neat and different. I'm thinking about giving it a whirl. I never talked about it here but on my 40th birthday I drew 40 pictures and that was a lot of fun. I think it almost drove me crazy but I had a lot of fun being driven crazy.

On the other hand drawing that much would really cut into my Overwatch time and I just finished my placement matches for Season 2. Turns out I'm WAY worse at this game than I thought I was. How am I ever going to get better if I don't toss aside all my other hobbies and devote all my time to switching my main from Lucio to D.Va?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

STAR WARS Easter Eggs: Prequel Trilogy

I've mentioned before here that my son watches a lot of YouTube. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, some YouTube channels are just mindless garbage but others can be pretty interesting even dare I say a bit educational?

This Easter Egg video isn't one of the educational ones, unless you think learning about Star Wars cameos counts as education. I mean, I guess you're learning something, just nothing anyone actually needs to know. My son might never be valedictorian but he's going to kill it at trivia night at the pub.

Back to the video, I was actually impressed with the amount of interesting cameos George Lucas filled the prequels with. It doesn't necessarily make the movies any better but it's nice that he's willing to put so many of the crew on screen. Good for you George.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

GTFO with this new Jumanji

A photo posted by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

Did you know they're remaking Jumanji with The Rock and Kevin Hart? Also Karen Gillan is there with a really short skirt and Jack Black in a hat.

Now let me be clear about this. I like Kevin Hart, I like The Rock, I like Karen Gillan, I like Jack Black but this is the worst thing to happen ever. Maybe worse than Trump becoming president. Why couldn't they just make a sequel to The Rundown?

DRAGON CON 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

I've been searching the interwebs looking for a really good Rose City Comic Con Cosplay video but I've yet to find one. Instead we'll go with this one from Dragon Con a couple weeks ago. Dragon Con might not being the biggest or most famous convention but it always has the best cosplay. In the next couple years if I get the bucks to start traveling around more to different conventions it's definitely near the top of my list.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Break It Down

This guy is playing Overwatch with the DJ controller from DJ Hero. Meanwhile last night I'm playing with my mechanical keyboard and fancy gaming mouse and just getting throttled on Gibraltar. It might have been the worse beat down I've ever been in. I got a silver in eliminations with 4. There was a guy in our group complaining about how someone wasn't playing well and I was like "we all sucked, that's why we got destroyed".

If you hadn't heard Overwatch has a "competitive" mode where you play against people for even higher phony internet points. To really start playing it first you have to play a series of ranking matches. So far I'm 2-2-1 in those matches and the quality of games has ranged from complete ass kicking to actually playing like a team and scraping together a win. I have 5 more matches to go until I'm official ranked. I'm trying to get ready for a massive blow to my gaming ego. Years of doing really well on multiplayer Halo have tricked me into thinking I'm a better gamer than I really am. I'll bet I get ranked with the dregs. Can't wait to be kind of the dregs.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Clever Links

Kate Upton Doesn’t Care About Black People. I'm so glad I was at Rose City Comic Con on 9/11. Watching football with all those patriotic hot takes on Colin Kaepernick would have exploded my brain. I swear if I hear one more person in the media say they support someone's right to protest just not during the national anthem I'm going to plotz.

Did you know NFL players weren't even on the field for the national anthem until 2009 when the department of defense started sending the NFL bags of cash to stage patriotic displays before games. Hear that right wingers, your patriotism is a government conspiracy.

What Made Cartridge Games So Clever. Your average NES or Atari 2600 cartridges weren't all that special but once the SNES rolled into town game makers were putting all sorts of things on the cartridge from extra graphics processors to extra memory. It's really quite clever.

Pictures from 2016 Rose City Comic Con. There was lots of good cosplay at RCCC, I only got a handful of pictures so we'll just go with this gallery from Edward Mitchell. I really need to get a better camera, and not just a better phone. Camera phones can take really nice pictures given the right lighting and circumstances but nothing beats an actual camera. Panasonic and Sony both make a DSLRs that's aren't enormous, maybe that will be my Christmas gift to myself this year.

Back to the cosplay, I went to the big cosplay contest they had at RCCC which was the first time I had ever been to one. It was fun but I was a bit underwhelmed. There were a few really great costumes, but I felt like I had seen nicer costumes just walking the floor earlier that day. Also the categories were a bit off. People with really elaborate costumes that have obviously been doing this a long time were grouped in with people who had only spend a few hours on theirs. It didn't seem very fair. Maybe next year I'll have to go to the one ECCC does and see how they do it.

How long does it take games to be cheap on Steam? The quick answer is most games will be 50% off after 180 days. That's not too bad. However if you want to wait for those big 75% off sales you're looking at waiting almost a year. So look for me to pick up Fallout 4 in another 6 or 7 months.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Overwatch Break Down: A Story of REDEMPTION!

Youtubers The Game Theorist (my son's favorite YouTube channel) did this short for them video on Overwatch. I thought it was going to go into the plot and the backstory of the game revealing clues that unwrap some sort of mystery or answer challenging questions because that's the normal thing they do. Instead this is more of a brief history of how one projects failure at Blizzard led to the creation of Overwatch. There's a bit too much OVERWATCH IS THE BIGGEST SHINIEST STAR IN GAMING RIGHT NOW sort of hyperbole going on but it's still interesting to hear about this project Titan that failed pretty hard. Blizzard isn't exactly known for churning out a bunch of clunkers so like I said, it makes for an interesting story.

Also if you're still not sure what Overwatch really is and what the appeal is they do a pretty good job describing it's appeal and where it really innovates in a genre that feels pretty oversaturated.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fury Road - Crash & Smash

This effects video from Mad Max: Fury Road has been making the rounds, so you may have already seen it. When Mad Max hit theaters people couldn't stop talking about how much of it was shot using practical effects as opposed to CGI. This video definitely showcases those practical effects.

I thought Fury Road was a really good movie but I'm not quite as in love with it as some were. Maybe it's because all the hype led to some really unreasonable expectations. Maybe I just need to watch it again without having to stop it every 15 minutes because my kids need something like food or attention.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rose City Comic Con: Brief Thoughts

I'm way to behind at home and work to do a really lengthy blog post about my time spent at RCCC this last weekend so I thought I'd just write up a paragraph or two about it. Look for something with more words and pictures and umm... more pictures later this week.

First things first, I had a blast. Attending a new convention in a different city by myself was occasionally overwhelming and a bit lonely but if I had to rate the entire experience I'd give it a 10 out 10. The people in Portland were super nice, everyone at the convention was nice and all the pros I met were so fantastic. I hope I get to go back next year and this time I'll probably try to bring the family with me. If not the entire fam, maybe just my son.

Rose City is a bit smaller than Emerald City but from my perspective that was a plus. It was big enough to attract good celebrity guests and comic book professionals while being small enough to actually get around easily. The aisles were wider, there was more open space and the lines were very well managed. The Portland convention center is was easier to navigate than the Seattle convention center. The maps they had drawn up weren't great but after walking around the place once it was really easy to get your bearings and find stuff. Also two big thumbs up to the Doubletree Hotel in Portland. Clean modern rooms, comfy beds, walking distance to the convention center and the nicest staff. The water pressure in the shower could have been a bit better but I'll let them slide on that one.

Since this was my first out of town convention I tried to do a few things I normally skip out on. I went to more panels (even watched a live podcast recording), bought more comic books I'd never heard of, and attended an after hours Cosplay contest. I also broke my no standing in line more than 5 minutes policy by like an hour. I'm not sure if I'll do that one again...

In close here's my favorite signature I collected this weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peak

Facebook tells me that The Walking Dead is trending so I hit up AMC's YouTube page and this season 7 Sneak Peak was the newest thing they had. There was a buttcam video of a Season 7 commercial that some guy had recorded with his phone off his TV but I'm not watching that. This clip doesn't really tell you anything but it's a good reminder the new season starts in another month and a half. Good timing too, I can only ignore Fear the Walking Dead for so long.

Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapse

Burning Man is one of those things that I think would be really interesting to go to but I'm way to scared to actually go to, kind of like the Gathering of the Juggalos. I'm pretty sure if I went to Burning Man I'd end up getting robbed, poisoned and left for dead in the desert. I'll just stick to comic book conventions for now, although I'd say the odds of me ending up broke and poisoned in Portland this weekend are probably like 3:1.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Edited Links

Nintendo Announces Super Mario Run For iOS. I guess this is a big deal, I'm not even sure anymore. Nintendo has held out on releasing games for phones to help protect their Nintendo 3DS empire. I guess they feel they've finally hit the tipping point where the money they can conceivably gain in the mobile app market will offset any losses to the 3DS. They also made a second announcement saying Mario was coming to android sometime later. I'm sure Windows Phone will be shortly after that....

(gentle sobbing)

The Tale Of A Dashed TV Pilot Dream And What It Can Teach You About Life. This is a really great long form article about what it's like trying to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter, a contest winning screenwriter at that. If you want the TL/DR version, it's hard, seemingly impossible. Sounds like actual writing talent is nowhere near as important as the right combination of timing, luck and connections.

Roastmaster Jeff Ross: The Roast Was Edited To Make Ann Coulter Look as Best We Could. I watched a few minutes of this last night and ouch, Ann Coulter did not look good. Then again neither did Jeff Ross, man that guy has aged like 30 years in the last 10. He's like the reverse Benjamin Button.

The worst part about the whole thing is that I'm sure this all helps Ann Coulter's cause. She gets to yammer on and on about the liberal media and her supporters will just eat it up. If there's anything I've learned about Politics it's that the phrase "liberal media" is like cat nip to conservatives. Slightly ironic that the people that yell the loudest about it have high rated TV shows on cable.

Oh yeah one more thing about the roast. Good thing Ann Coulter was there otherwise everyone would be talking about how badly Ralph Macchio bombed. Woof.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Friday the 13th the Game? Why Not?

There have been a handful of Friday the 13th video games dating all the way back to the 1980s and the C64. Most of them have involved trying to get away from Jason before he murder/death/kills you in a pretty mundane 8-bit sort of way. Well put down your Crystal Pepsi because Jason is back and now you're playing him and you're murdering people in all sorts of horribly gruesome ways. Or if you're a sissy you can still be one of the virgins running for your life. You get to pick!

There's some other serial killer multiplayer game out right now (the name escapes me) that's big on twitch so I'm not surprised that some developer would rip it off and throw a license on it like this. Honestly the graphics and animations don't even look that great, if this was originally intended for the Xbox 360 I wouldn't be surprised. Still, Halloween is right around the corner and I love me a good scare.... Oh who am I fooling? I'm never buying this. I'm way more likely to just stay up late watching a Friday the 13th Marathon on AMC than I am spending 49.99 on this.

Although I am seriously considering getting some Crystal Pepsi.

Whoa, slow down there Toys R Us

Last tuesday I went into Toys R Us looking for some Littlest Pet Shop toys like any other grown man and I was taken aback by the amount of Halloween stuff they already had out on display. Then I turned the corner and made this horrific discovery. A Christmas display set up in late August. August. AUGUST.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Christmas. It's definitely my favorite time of the year. I'm even cool with Christmas stuff going up before Thanksgiving. Lets face it, other than Turkey and Football Thanksgiving doesn't really have a lot going on for it anymore. Once you're done stuffing Halloween candy down your gullet you're already thinking about Christmas anyway.

In closing, put your Christmas stuff up in November. Putting Christmas stuff up in August is like putting out back to school displays in June. It's way to early and borders on depressing.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Tim Allen Doom

If you're like me then every time you fire up Doom you wish to yourself "man, I wish someone replaced every texture with a picture of Tim Allen and every sound effect with him grunting" Well, thanks to Youtuber Marisa Kirisame our prayers have been answered. It's probably the most horrifying thing you'll see and hear today.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fake Casting Couch Auditions

Sometimes the simplest premise is the best premise. Here we have a guy who "knows nothing about porn" pretending to cast a porn movie . I put quotes in there because I'm pretty sure he knows exactly what he's doing. Funny stuff, probably not safe for work. I mean it's kind of safe, there's no sex in it or anything. One of the girls says she's voting for Trump. I guess depending on how you view free trade that could be not safe for work.


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