Friday, July 29, 2011

Comic-Con Cosplay; Special achievement in nerdery edition

+10000000 points for lil Deadpool Lockjaw

I have a TON of cosplay pics from this years big San Diego Comic-Con. Just to help make everything a bit more digestible I'm going to break them up into different categories. This, The Special Achievement in Nerdery edition, highlights some of the cosplayers that were either incredibly nerdy with their costumes or put the "special" in special achievement. I was about to call it the freaks and geeks edition, but come on it's comic-con cosplay, freeky and geeky is implied.

for a while I really thought this was Conan O'Brien

the creators of lost are total professionals

something something.. exhaust port

Number of times they had to say "excuse me", one million.

Serpentor's greatest enemy? Carbs

Honestly, can you imagine walking around in this for hours?

It's no Batmobile or Invisible Jet but it gets you from point A to point B

Mario Vader? My mind is officially blown.

War Machine must have ate one of the Avengers

I don't even want to know how you exterminate someone with a plunger

I have no words for this

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Internet thing is catching on

Here's a special report from MTV in 1995* on this thing called the world wide web. It's pretty eye opening. Did you know they have porn there? Porn and poorly rendered virtual worlds, and I guess Michael Jackson is there too. I'm guessing for the porn.

Seriously, there's a lot to make fun of on this video but number one has to be that it starts with Michael Jackson doing some sort of online chat and ends with a guy being arrested for kiddie porn. It's like Kurt Loder had some sort of crystal ball.

*Have Moby and Dave Matthews really been subjecting us to awful music since 1995? I feel so old now..

Zombie Vs Baby

This is pretty accurate except for one small detail. There's no way a zombie smells worse than my kid's diaper did this morning.

Pretty sneaky sis

The Trailer for the new movie Battleship has taken the internet by storm. And "by storm" I mean everyone everywhere is mocking the studio exec that green lit a movie about the board game battleship.

My favorite part of playing this as a kid was when the Alien ship would rise out of my Game Board, create a dome over my house, then shoot bombs into the side of my plastic ships.

-random youtube user

Could be worse, I mean it's not another Transformers movie, amirite?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everybody off the Zombie bandwagon

.. and by everybody I mean writer/director/producer academy and 3 time award nominee Frank Darabont, because yesterday he quit The Walking Dead. He's still going to get a producer credit, and he might pop in with an idea or two, but for the most part he's outta here. Glen Mazzara is taking his place, I guess he's been working on the show with Darabont from the beginning and he has a lot of experience in TV, most notably with The Shield.

I don't really know what to make of this. I mean the premiere episode was one of the best episodes of TV I've ever seen but you can't deny the show kinda limped it's way to the finish line. Who knows, maybe if Jeph Loeb had had the sense to leave Heroes after season one I wouldn't have had to sit through 3 more seasons of crap just praying someone would eventually turn it around. Man I hate that show...

Oh yeah, here's the extended preview from Comic-Con for Season 2. At least they didn't send Rick back to feudal Japan.

Hail to the D

I really thought advertisers had gone to far once I started seeing adds for "personal massagers" during reruns of Manix. Of course I hadn't seen nothing yet. Here's Stephen Colbert's report on Summers Eve's line of talking vagina commercials. It's hilariously uncomfortable to watch. Especially at work.

Everything's coming up geocities

The last couple of months I've been contemplating a redesign of the ol site here. I've been blogging for about 3 years now and I'm pretty sure I've only redesigned the site once. So unless I want to stay on an IMDB like pace (1 redesign in 15 years I think), now is as good of time as any to dust off the cobwebs and spruce the place up a bit. It's happy coincidence that all the uproxx sites updated this week so I can see what not to do. Seriously, look at that above image. That's what I see when I open up warmingglow; it's my work computer so excuse the use of internet explorer. Basically it's a page of link throughs and ads, and of course the ads dwarf the links. I can barely see the title for the first article, much less the main image. Also why even have a navigation bar? Is this 1999 again and no one told me? Good thing I held onto all those Korn t-shirts.

I get it that a blogger has to make some coin, but yeesh. That is ugly. What's worse is this is pretty much the template for how every blog looking to make some money is designed these days. Over the next few days I'll be struggling with a way to keep this site up to date but not god awful fugly like every other entertainment/nerd blog out there. If you see me at the fax machine at work, or we play frisbee golf this weekend* let me know your thoughts on the matter.

*This of course assumes you know me irl. if that's not the case I guess you can use the comment box**

**comment box, what is this 2004?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The producers of Community have a good sense of humor

I mentioned a couple weeks ago how everyone on Community kinda got screwed out of the Emmys, what with the new rules that you have to nominate every actor that's ever appeared on Modern Family. Plus all those shows on showtime that aren't really comedy's, or you know Glee. Which is a comedy in the same way that Hitler was an artist.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, gleeks are like the Hitler Youth. I think that was my point. Honestly I'm still really high on muscle relaxers. It's hard to focus what with all these marshmallows following around all the time.

Katy Perry is Inappropriate Smurf

Katy Perry was at the New York premiere of the Smurfs movie (which somehow stars the NPH?) and wore a sparkly Smurfette dress that looks like it was bought it in the kids department at Sears (if Sears sold dresses for little sluts, which they might. It's been a long time since I've been to Sears).

So.. um... Hey remember Smurfs for the Colecovision?

Yeah, I got nothing. Here's more of Katy flashing her butt to all the kiddies at the Smurfs premiere.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hard Ticket to Links

Your 2011 SDCC Most Major-est News Round-Up. Why do my own Comic-Con round up when I can just link to someone else's?

Comic-Con Photo Diary Part One. Better yet, why even go to Comic-Con when I can just look at someone else's pictures

Comic-Con Photo Diary Part Two. Even Betterer yet, why find a 3rd link for this link post when I can just link to the second part of something I just linked to.

Dutch install an awesome slide. Hey look a slide, WHEEEE!

Monkey vs Horse, who you got?

Great googly moogly the new trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks boss.

I didn't hate the Planet of the Apes remake with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch as much as most nerds did, but It kind of kill my enthusiasm for more Ape films. The first 4 Planet of the Apes films are kinda perfect, even the second one which makes no sense at all compared to the first film. Somehow as a whole they sort of capture the zeitgeist of late 60s early 70s sci-fi.

I'm not holding my breath that this second modern remake will be anything more than a entertaining pop-corn action flick but it definitely looks like it's worth checking out. I mean Monkey vs Horse, are you not entertained?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spider-Man really loves himself

I really wanted to boycott all Comic-Con news this year but who am I kidding? There's way top much cool stuff going on to just ignore it. Here we have Andrew Garfield the new Spider-Man in next years Amazing Spider-Man making a bit of a surprise visit, telling everyone just how much Spider-Man means to him. Either he's full of crap and a great actor or he's the nerdiest guy ever to make out with Emma Stone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con Links

Why is Pan Am at Comic-con? If Comic-Con was a pizza joint there would be already be another convention across the street called The Original Comic-Con, then kitty corner to that convention we'd have Original Famous Comic-Con, etc.

The Dugout: How to pick up Soccer Girls. If you haven't heard Evan Longoria tried to pick up USWNT smokeshow Alex Morgan via twitter. It didn't really work.

Joe Johnston wants to make a Boba Fett movie. Good or bad, I would gladly pay 10 dollars to see a Star Wars movie not written or directed by George Lucas.

Ken Jeong Photobombs Kate Upton. Ken Jeong's funny, Kate Upton has big boobs. This whole GQ spread really should have been better. Still, Kate Upton.

Remember Pogs? They're back in Beavis and Butthead form

Here's probably the only thing I'll be posting from Comic-Con this weekend. It's a sneak peak at the new Beavis and Butthead. I guess the new format of the show is going to have them watching clips from MTVs reality shows instead of videos, which I guess is a good idea. The humor here feels a bit dated, but who am I to complain? Beavis and Butthead do America is one of my favorite movies and King of the Hill is one of my favorite shows so really in my eyes Mike Judge can do no wrong (Extract never happened).

I hate to get all hipstery up in here but while we're almost on the subject of Comic-con, man am I over Comic-Con. Yesterday I found out a friend of mine was going there to take part in some reality TV panel. It made me more upset than when my doctor told me my crotch gout was back.

I'm starting to get the feeling he got his medical degree at the same place Dr. Nick Riviera got his. At least this time he prescribed me a bunch of super muscle relaxers. Technically my body is at work, but my mind is totally somewhere else.. I was riding a whole team of horses on the ocean, the skin of the water man...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ThreatDown #1: Leopards!

Yesterday Leopards finally got sick of our shit and decided to go on the offensive. take it away huffpo:

A leopard attack in the Indian village of Prakash Nagar has left 11 people injured, the AP reports.

The animal strayed into the village on Tuesday and became startled by a crowd of onlookers, according to a wildlife official. Forest guards eventually tranquilized the animal after several attempts.

The Hindu News reports that the animal later died at a veterinary hospital from injuries sustained during the attack.

Seriously now, this is f-ed up. I mean I have bad days at work, but almost none of them have ended with me being mauled by a crazy-ass leopard.

props to B for the tip.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, for reals this time

I've got a busy day of TPS reports and computers hacking to do today so this will probably be it. Enjoy it while you can, I hear Sony's legal team heading up the stairs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Mind Forever Linking

Teddy Roosevelt: American Badass. Teddy was my kind of hippie. He wanted to protect nature so he could hunt and kill it. USA USA USA!

San Diego Comic Con 1988. A fascinating look at a program from Comic Con 1988, you know back when it was an actual comic book convention.

The 2011 Womens World Cup in Pictures. I'm bummed it's going to be 4 more years till I get to ogle Alex Morgan again. WPS? never heard of it.

NASA searches for Moon Trees. 20 years ago NASA sent some trees into space, when they came back they forgot about them. Sounds like the plot of the next M. Night Shamylamy movie.

Treat these ladies like men damnit!

break out the photoshop, perverts.

I'll be the first to admit, I listen to WAY too much talk radio: Sports talk, political talk, Ira Glass, Johny Slapstick and his wacky morning zoo crew. If it's dudes (or ladies) talking about stupid stuff on the radio, I'm listening but lately I'm not sure I like what I've been hearing.

Apparently the US Womens National Team is getting off easy in the media because they're women. They've been cast as warriors and heroes who fell short of the goal but in reality they're underachieving losers who choked the finals away like they were playing for the Miami Heat. Because they're girls we're treating them with kid gloves and that's a sort of reverse sexism that keeps women from being mathematicians and scientists.


The real reason this team hasn't been torn apart in the press/media/blogosphere is because people don't really care about women's soccer. Oh sure most sports fans care about it for 2 weeks every 4 years but for the other 1,440 days no one pays it any mind. The World Cup is sort of like the Olympics. When they're on we're all rah rah rah, but once they go away no one really cares if Bryan Clay won the decathlon (like he did in 2008) or came in 2nd (like he did in 04). As long as Bob Costas gives us a story about someone overcoming something in some amazing way, we're happy.

That's why the USWNT are being lauded as heroes because no one really cares if they win the world cup or not. We're just as happy with them coming up short to Japan (the feel good team of the tournament) in dramatic fashion. When you're not that interested in the story it doesn't have to have the perfect ending, it just has to have a compelling one. That's what the USWNT failed to achieve at the last world cup when they were bounced out in the semi-finals by Brasil.

also this World Cup.. Alex Morgan and the truffle shuffle. How can you say anything bad about that?

Like a hot dog with no mustard

Here's a mashup of Seasame Street and the Beastie Boys. It's pretty much the best thing you'll see on the internet today (especially since Sony is pulling down the Amazing Spider-Man trailer as fast as people can put it up).

Monday, July 18, 2011

The X-Men were born this way

I suppose this X-men parody of Lady Gaga's born this was was pretty much inevitable. The internet is pretty much like Mr Burn's thousand monkeys working on a thousand typewriters. If you want a kitten breakdance fighting a bear in a scuba suit, just wait a couple weeks, someone on 4-chan is working on it right now.

I guess what I'm trying to say is my next post is going to have bears fighting kittens, so we've got that to look forward to.

Batman Trilogy Poster

This is a pretty clever fan made poster that sort of highlights the lack of creativity in the WB's poster department. Oh great, another bat symbol in a cityscape. I mean how hard is it to design a poster that highlights the film's biggest asset:
Anne Hathaway's sweet can. Your move WB poster department.

The Avengers Trailer is here

.. and by that I mean not here specifically but "here" on the internet. "Here" as in here on this website you'll find the Dark Knight Rises trailer that was leaked last Friday. I figure by Friday I'll be trolling the trailer for Harry Potter 8, the search for more money, but playing the actual Avengers trailer.

Walking Dead Season 2 trailer blows

Here's the first 30 second teaser for Season 2 of the walking dead. It aired last night during Breaking Bad, so if you're cool you've already seen it. It's wildly underwhelming (sort of like the show's season finale). "But Kevin" (which is weird becuase I assume you know the computer won't talk back), "What do you really expect in a 30 second teaser?". I'll tell you what I expect. I expect a preview as bad ass as this one for Justified's second season.

Now that's a comercial. I guess what I'm getting at is Justified is a thousand times better than The Walking Dead is at anything. I mean would it kill the guys at AMC to throw in a couple Star Wars references every now and then?

BTW, the show runner for the Walking Dead said in an interview with EW that this season is going have a more rural setting as opposed to last seasons urban vibe. I'm assuming this is totally unrelated to the budget cuts they've reportedly had to take.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

..the fail starts right now

oh local news. I love you so much.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ron Swanson loves food

I mentioned yesterday that Ron Swanson (I don't like to think of the character as being played by an actual actor) was robbed of a well deserved emmy nomination. Luckily for us the interwebs have decided to pay tribute. Here's a supercut of Ron talking about food.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The debt ceiling debate in 3 pictures

Links Tornado

Dinklage and Goggins. I'll take it. The Emmy nominations came out today and they're not as terrible as they were last year. Justified got a ton of love, still they completely ignored Ron Swanson. I mean I like Modern Family as much as the next guy but jezz. There are other comedies on TV.

Hotties of the US Women's Soccer team. Every 4 years I become a big fan of women's soccer. I'd like to say attractive ladies running around in shorts aren't a big reason for that but I'd rather not turn this into a blog of lies.

Naked woman thrashes $170,000 drift car. Want to watch a naked chick ruin a clutch? Honestly I just needed a 4th link...

Wonder Woman loses her pants. I'm only %99 sure the people at DC have no idea what they're doing but I'm %100 sure this reboot is going to fail spectacularly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DC reboot, now with %100 more dong

If you hadn't heard DC comics is rebooting it's entire line mostly because Marvel is kicking their ass in the Box office, makes total sense right? Anyhoo, a lot of characters are getting new origins, new series or new costumes. In the case of the Red Hood I think DC should have stopped at new series and left his costume alone. Now if you don't read comics let me help you out here. What you're looking at is the solicited cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws issue #2. The Red Hood is the guy at the top of the picture with the sword and a boner.

Seriously, Either that's one unfortunate inking error or that's totally the Red Hood's 'utility' belt. Congrats DC, you've totally broken a barrier that no one wanted to see broken.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer... playing before Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part 2 this weekend. It's been leaked all over the internet this morning but the second you find a video the WB's lawayer attack pack get it yanked. I thought about trying to find some Croatian you tube to post it but honestly I don't have that kind of time. Plus I've read it was a bit underwhelming. I mean it's still cool and all but if I'm going to be underwhelmed I might as well be underwhelmed this weekend right before the final Harry Potter movie makes me cry.


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