Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reach for the Gold

Not to be outdone by Nike, Hostess has developed their own set of Olympics themed inspirational commercials. This features pole vaulting and twinkies.

True story, I have done this exact vault before... many, many times.

The Dark Knight Returns Trailer

Get More: MTV Shows

Did the Dark Knight Rises leave you wanting more batman in your life? Well you're in luck cowboy, here's the new trailer for The Dark Knight Returns part one. The story is being split into two movies, so you're going to have to wait a bit longer if you want to see Batman kick Superman's ass (spoiler!).

I really hope Warner Bros. puts its purse where its balls are and decides that the next real Batman movie should be an adaptation of the Dark Knight Returns. I know Batman is a big deal for them as far as making the monies goes, but the franchise doesn't need a reboot or a prequel. Superhero movie reboots are all weak sauce, I mean how many times do you really need to see an reimagined telling of Batman's origin? Just recast Christian Bale with some bad ass older dude and give the fanboys what they want. Batman kicking the tar out of Superman.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Men Throwing Rocks with the Other Hand

In honor of the Olympic spirit, here's a video of men throwing rocks with their off hand. It's fantastic.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silver Medal Links

The Hater’s Guide To The 2012 London Summer Olympics. I love The Olympics but I also love people making fun of things that shouldn't be taken so seriously. "There's only one good track & field and that's Konami Track & Field. Real track & field is a drugged-up freakshow." No one denies this!

NBC Claims Opening Ceremony Was Too “Complex” to Stream Live. To be fair there was some weird symbolic nonsense going on in the opening ceremony that I probably wouldn't have gotten without the commentators help. Of course I didn't need to be talked to like I was a nine year old either. Middle ground NBC?

#NBCFail: Network’s Olympic disaster earns global social media mockery. NBC's broadcast of the London games is pretty much getting killed on twitter, facebook and tumblr. I'm pretty sure even the two guys left of friendster are upset with the live feeds. As much as us internet hipsters can't believe it, Nielsen ratings are still king. It's not really in NBC's best interest to broadcast events live, yet. Maybe in 2016 I'll finally be able to watch 8 hours of uninterrupted pole vaulting just like I could in 1992 with the wildly underated NBC ppv triple-cast.

The 11 Best US Olympian Twitter Accounts. Hope Solo is kind of a jerk, right?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle

In case you missed it (and honestly I hope you did) former amateur wrestler, gold medalist and current professional wrestler Kurt Angle tried to make the US Olympic wrestling team this year. Turns out 15 years of letting guys like Brock Lesnar hit you with a chair had taken it's toll and he had to drop out due to injuries.

Of course that didn't stop his gold medal dream...

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sorry, I've been busy the last couple days. Plus nothing's happening in the geek world. I mean it wouldn't kill you to e-mail me some tips would it? Oh yeah and follow me on twitter! @KevinNewburn

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My very best Friends

I made the list!

via pleated-jeans

Mario: Post-it Life

Ever sit at work bored and alone, playing Mario on your giant Mac when all of the sudden all the post it notes come to life and transform into scenes from Mario and Pac-Man? Yeah me neither Playing Mario on an emulator is awful. You need a real nes controller or GTFO.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aquaman is cooler than you

No.. no he isn't.

Not that Aquaman isn't cool. I mean I really like Aquaman but lets face it he's not cooler than I am. I run a nerd blog and drive a 2003 Nissan Sentra. Nice try Aquaman.

Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Comic-Con Cosplay: Comics Everybody!

It's sort of become tradition around here that after every San Diego Comic-Con I put together a post full of awesome/crazy cosplayers. I have a TON of cosplay pics from this year's Comic-Con so to help keep everything fresh and a bit more digestible I'm going to break them up into special categories. The Comics Everybody! edition celebrates people who actually go to a comic book convention dressed up as comic book characters. Not movies or TV shows (as awesome as those can be) but actual comic books, you know... the whole reason the convention was started in the first place.

Jessica Nigri, queen of the con or queen of the cleave?

great integration of a fanny pack

Ack, cutest kid EVER!

more after the jump!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Linkaroo

Shooting Survivor returns to theater to see the rest of the movie. Holy crap, this kid has some stones. I once had a roman candle blow up in my hand, and I'm still nervous around fireworks. I felt weird about seeing the movie this weekend, I can't imagine what it took to go back into a theater after actually being a part of the shooting.

5 Things Modern Kids don't understand about being a nerd. This times a billion. There's just no comparison to being a nerd in the 80s to being a "nerd" today. I can't tell you the number of times I had my pocket protector broken just because I could program in basic and liked to read comics. Ok, maybe that never happened but still. It's the principle of the matter, the principle!

Michelle Jenneke: Gorgeous Hurdler, sudden internet sensation. This story combines a ton of things I love. Track and Field, ladies, the internet... ok so that's only three. Still, depending on how deep you surf the web you might have seen something about dancing hurdler Michelle Jenneke, why not check out the post at With Leather that started it all (more or less).

Saved by the Bell's 20 Greatest Sports moments. I loved the episodes of Saved by the Bell when they tried to make Bayside look like a real school. The basketball gym with 8 foot hoops. The auto shop that had maybe 3 tools in it. The prom for 10 kids.

This list of 20 greatest sports moments really highlights some of those awful sets, plus it's a good examination of how Zack Morris is a horrible horrible person.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Man of Steel Trailer

Two new Men of Steel Trailers hit the intertubes yesterday. I've only posted one because the second one is the exact same footage except with a different voice over. If your really want to compare the two you can here.

It's pretty good. I mean I have no idea why Clark Kent is hanging out with the guys from the Maverick and the Cornelia Marie. Maybe he got laid off from the Daily Planet, the newspaper industry isn't doing well these days.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Red Dwarf X, the trailer

I'll be honest I completely forgot that they were doing a tenth season of Red Dwarf. I'm surprised how good it looks. I mean everyone involved looks awful. When did they all get so old? Lister looks like he's 70!

I guess when I think about it I shouldn't be surprised. I remember the first time I ever saw an episode of Red Dwarf I was playing with Legos. I don't know why, but that memory is seared into my brain pan. Kinda like the night I stole that chair from Cinema 12. Good Times...

The Evolution of PC Games

I had a bunch of Batman stuff queued up to go this morning but given the horrible shooting that happened this morning I didn't really feel comfortable posting it. So here's a 2 and a half minutes of old computer games (and a few new ones).

I stopped PC gaming at the right about the 2:05 mark. When did you stop?

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hey Nerds, do you have 35 dollars burning a hole in your pocket and a girlfriend who doesn't mind if you dress her up like a g-d Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Well you're in luck because Etsy seller sceeneshoes has the handpainted Bra for you.

Seriously, whoever buys this is either totes awesome or a complete freakshow. There's just no middle ground here.

It's true because Neil deGrasse Tyson says so

If you're anything like me you spent most of last night watching reruns of Nova while trying to fix your computer using parts from 2 dead computers (one of which actually has scorch marks on it). After watching all that Nova you can imagine my pleasant surprise this morning when I saw this video of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson proclaiming the original Star Trek Enterprise to be the greatest space ship in sci-fi history.

If tomorrow morning I see a video where Brian Greene declares who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America my mind grapes might just explode.

BTW, I'm on twitter now (look right). Follow me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Low bandwidth links

The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con. I'll tell you who won, Robert Downey Jr. Seriously, I think he should just change his name to Tony Stark and the pentagon should start developing him a real suit of armor. How much do I love you? THIS MUCH TONY!

Of Course ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is A Liberal Plot To Make Mitt Romney Look Bad. Duh. Go ahead and click through to read the whole story, but to quickly recap: Uber-conservative tub-bag Rush Limbaugh believes that the villain Bane in the Dark Knight Rises is meant to sway people into voting against Mitt Romney. So yeah, some people are idiots.

20 Things you didn't know about Batman Begins. Fact #21, we have visitors in the office today and they're sucking up all the internet. I can't look up this link I saved yesterday to verify if it was really any good or not. Hopefully you have better luck!

7 Ways Grocery Stores get you to spend more money. On my first trip to Safeway after reading this I tried to walk through the store from left to right. I got so turned around I had to shoot a flare up for help. Lesson learned; Safeway does not appreciate it when you shoot off a flare gun in their stores.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Comic-Con Cosplay; Small Screen Edition

It's sort of become tradition around here that after every San Diego Comic-Con I put together a post full of awesome/crazy cosplayers. I have a TON of cosplay pics from this year's Comic-Con so to help keep everything fresh and a bit more digestible I'm going to break them up into special categories. The Small Screen edition, highlights cosplayers that have taken their inspiration from classic geek TV shows like Firefly, Doctor Who or The Lone Ranger??

big time bonus for including the horses heart

the family that adventure times together stays together

Daphne A+, Fred shave that beard

Johnny Depp would have put a bird on it.

more after the jump!

Gather up your Juggalos

Yesterday if you had told me that this morning I would watch (in it's entirety) a 20 minute commercial for the 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos and be totally sold on the event, I would have called you a dirty dirty liar from whore island. But here we are...
Seriously, I'm not even typing in an ironic hipster tone here. This sounds awesome. From Kool Keith to Bobcat Goldthwait to Colt Cabana vs Vampiro to Violent J's Beach Boys BBQ Blowout! Bash! Blast! this thing has it all. Who wants to head out to Cave Rock, IL in mid August?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thomas Jane can't stop, won't stop, Punishing

Apparently Thomas Jane has been paying attention to all the sweet movies Marvel has been producing lately and wants back in on the action. From what I hear he bankrolled this Punisher fan film called Laundry Day all by himself. It's pretty impressive, definitely better than the first Punisher movie.

I've said ad nauseum, but I really think Marvel should be doing more of this. 10 minute short movies either placed before their feature films or included on the DVD. They literally have thousands of characters, most of which don't really deserve the feature film treatment, but would rule in a 10 minute short film like this.

Nova, I'm looking in your general direction.

2012 Comic-Con Cosplay; Rule 63 Edition

It's sort of become tradition around here that after every San Diego Comic-Con I put together a post full of awesome/crazy cosplayers. I have a TON of cosplay pics from this year's Comic-Con so to help keep everything fresh and a bit more digestible I'm going to break them up into special categories. The Rule 63 edition, highlights one of the internet's favorite rules, that "for every fictional character, there exists a counterpart of opposite gender."

She only has "eye" for you.

speaking of eyes, I don't remember Han's being so dreamy

Luke, I am you mother hot second cousin.

I also don't remember Black Widow's eyes being so dreamy

more after the jump!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Look at Item 47

I don't remember if I posted about this or not but over the last couple weeks Marvel's made a big deal over it's new short film, Item 47. It's one of the special features to be included with the Avengers. It follows a couple (Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford) who find an alien gun in all the carnage left behind from when those Skrull aliens (who for legal reasons couldn't be called Skrulls?) invade New York.

It's a cool idea and I hope Marvel keeps making these, it's probably the only way I'll ever see movie version of the Great Lakes Avengers.

Star Wars Call me Maybe

I knpw, I know, the last thing anyone needs right now is another Call me Maybe cover or video. However, this version of the song made completely out of lines from Star Wars is mind bottlingly awesome. It's pretty much the only good thing to come out of the prequels next to Natalie Portman's midriff.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

oh hi new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon

I'll freely admit, I miss G4. The ultra cheap Dish satellite channel package I have doesn't include G4, so not only am I missing Ninja Warrior twice a year but I miss their pretty good Comic-Con coverage. Anyway, here's the intro for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I think it looks pretty kick ass. Hopefully my son Logan will like it too so I can get a half hour break from Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine.

..and we have a Deadpool video game

The great news from Comic-Con today is that Marvel and High Moon Studios are making a Deadpool video game and the trailer looks awesome. Deadpool goes "pew pew" and talks to the voices in his head and everything. It's pretty much everything a Deadpool fan could hope for.

Well I guess it's not everything, I mean the game could still play like Too Human or Superman 64. Whatever Kevin, the trailer looks awesome stop saying negative things, this game's gonna be awesome.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer? Sure why not

But I have to know, is Carl still in the house?!

San Diego Comic-Links

The 25 Most Awkward Pictures of Nerds Next to Women. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of "hover hand" going on this weekend at Comic-Con. I've always wondered what goes through the minds of the celebrities that go to these big conventions to sign autographs and take pictures for $25 a pop. Are they just sick of all these nerds but need the cash? Are they genuinely excited about meeting fans like this? Do they reek of Axe body spray by Monday? Enquiring minds want to know!

The reigning queen of the ‘Con, Jessica Nigri. I'm not sure if I'd call Jessica Nigri the queen of the 'Con, but she is probably your most googled cosplayer. So here you are, 25 pictures of sexy cosplayer Jessica Nigri in sexy super sexy cosplay. (ca-ching!)

The Universe Replies to your thoughts on Twitter. Some uber-nerd made a Twitter account just so he could respond to tweets with the word “Universe” in them. In related news I just signed up for a twitter account, I'm following you Diora Baird.. I mean not literally following.. maybe.

The Six Supervillains of Nerd Culture. Along with all the hover hand, I'm sure you'll see plenty of these Nerd Supervillains at Comic-Con. I'm looking your way Andy Liu!

Oz the Great and Powerful, the trailer

Here's the first trailer for Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful, a title that totally needs better punctuation. I'm mildly pumped for this movie. I read most of the Oz books as a kid as part of a 6th grade reading drive thingy and I absolutely LOVED them. So part of me is really excited that Disney is making more Wizard of Oz movies. On the other hand, this is a prequel and only kind of based on Baum's ideas. But on the Third hand, this is directed by Sam Rami..

I don't know, I guess I'll just have to wait until I actually see the movie before I judge it. What fun is that?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Borderlands 2 still looks pretty cool

A new trailer for Borderlands 2 hit the intertubes today. It really caught my attention for a couple different reasons. First off I'm looking for a new game. I'm halfway through skyrim and I'm totally burnt out on it. At first all the side missions are great but now it feels like the whole game is side missions and there's no real plot. For a game of the year candidate I'm actually surprised at how many people I've run into that also game up on the game before they beat it. I tried jumping back on the Battlefield 3 train but EA messed up their servers and it's hard to find a game that doesn't last over an hour and is jacked up by a bunch of wacky rules.

Also I got home from my soccer game tonight at 11pm and it was still 79 degrees in the house. The basement (where the xbox is) is a good 10 degrees cooler so either I can keep looking for riddler trophies in Arkham City or I can sweat my balls off watching Big Brother and 90210 reruns.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Borderlands 2 looks pretty cool.

The Wibit Sports Park is what dreams are made of

You have got to be kidding me with this. The Wibit Sports Park 60 is like having your very own wipeout course (minus the d-bag commentators). There's a bridge, a cliff, a slide, a mini-pond, long jump and high jump areas, a trampoline, a swing, a free floating catapult, an "action tower", a ramp, a balance beam, and a winners podium to top it all off. Just imagine how many twisted ankles and near drownings you'll be able to enjoy after an afternoon of drinking.

Loren, you better have one of these things installed at the cabin by Labor Day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Fat Links

Kate Upton is now Considered Fat. Just to prove to you that everyone on the internet is crazy, there's apparently a whole group of bloggers out there that consider Kate Upton sloppy and gross. Whatever man, I'm tired of magazines Sayin' flat butts are the thing. Take the average black man and ask him that, She gotta pack much back.

$50 Million Stealth Ship Sold for $2.5 Million, Headed to Scrap Heap. Sad end to a really cool ship. I mean where did all the cool stealth boats go anyway? Someone should have bought it just to cruise around in. Imagine pulling up to Ivar's in this thing. You know you'd get a table asap!

10 Incredibly bad ass Female Partners in Action Flicks. I'm not sure I'd could Erika Eleniak in Under Siege a "bad ass" but this is still a pretty good stroll down memory lane. Man that Robocop remake can't get here fast enough.

Rumor: Batman Arkham City prequel set in Silver Age. Word on the street is that Rocksteady is working on a Silver Age prequel to Arkham City/Asylum that would show how Batman first met the Joker and the Justice League. If so that is awesome! I love Arkham City, but I'm not sure if I want more of the same. A Silver Age game would feel like something completely new and exciting.

Kirby Krackle: Live in Seattle

Yesterday Seattle's own Kirby Krackle released an album titled Live in Seattle. It's awesome and you should really go download it. Like Right now. Go ahead I'll wait..

Ok, At the very least you should hit play on the above youtube clip. If after watching them perform Roll Over with Adam WarRock you still don't want to download the album then you can tell me why you don't like nice things and we can re-examine what our friendship is based on.

Again, this is why I don't really review things.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gymkhana 5 will melt your face twice on Sunday

Grab your e-brake, here comes Ken Block's Gymkhana 5. This time around he tears San Francisco a new one and it's amazeballs.

The things Ken Block can do with a car are mindblowing. Just when you think he can't top himself he jump drifts a car! I figure that by Gymkhana 13 he's going to drift his car into making a sandwich and beating me at Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Super Golden Friends

Here's a shot for shot remake of the Golden Girls intro staring the Superfriends (minus Wonder Woman). It's totes amazing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Star Wars Moto-X, because why not?

I turned 36 this weekend, I figured the best way to celebrate was to put on my best Scout Trooper gear and take the bikes out to the dunes. This is the video my friend Johhny Slick filmed of us just messing around.

Or I grilled hot dogs and watched pro-wrestling on TV. Whatever.. I can't be expected to remember what I did on every birthday, can I?

Friday, July 6, 2012

SDCC Exclusive Links

Concept To Turn An Abandoned Area Of The City Into A Zombie Outbreak Experience Theme Park. And with that I am planning my next vacation to Detroit! This is a rad idea, take some dump of a city make it a real life apocalypse town and let the zombie hunt begin. This is the best thing Detroit has given us since Robocop.

Ouya: a $99 hackable Android game console. This is so in the developmental stages it's barely worth talking about. However it does remind me of my plans to put together a dedicated emulator PC from like 5 or 6 years ago. I'd like to think I'm close to getting a new PC, maybe I'll look at taking my existing computer and putting it to good use that way. A new SSD hard drive and slim case with a quiet fan and I could have a really slick looking MAME box.

The 17 Best Songs from 1991-1992. I really had no idea how much the early 90s formed my tastes in rap music before I read this list. It makes sense 91-92 would have been right around when I was learning to drive so all these songs would have been thumping in the Thunderbird. The only thing this list is missing is a little Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Loren, I think you still have my cassette single of Boom! Shake the Room.

The 20 Greatest Exclusives at 2012 Comic Con. The worst part about Comic Con (other than all the twihards) is that every year I hear via facebook that my friend from High School Andy is going. He owns a TV website thing and really is only going to network, he basically has no business being anywhere around a comic book convention and it's people like him that are ruining Cons everywhere and... (big breath)
I guess what I'm saying is I would glady stab Andy in the leg to get my hands on this SDCC exclusive Jar Jar Binks in carbonite.

Please Marvel, Not NOW!

5 reasons Marvel NOW! is a terrible idea.

Reason number 6. It's made me not want to collect comics anymore. If you haven't heard already, Marvel NOW! is some ponzi scheme of Marvel's to attract new readers by doing a soft reboot of some of their core titles.

I'm old and I'm poor and I just can't afford to pick up 20-25 comics a month anymore. Marvel has all these events every year and too many of their story lines are tied together with other books. You can't just pick up a comic and read it anymore, you have to get like 5 other titles just to know what's happening. This new launch is also supposed to tie in with their digital line, which I didn't even know was a real thing. I just can't do it anymore. Next trip to the shop I'm going to cut my list to 5-7 books and wash my hands of all this nonsense. I'll still pick up a couple books I really enjoy like Scalped and Batman and Amazing Spider-Man, but I'm done with the multiple Avengers titles and X-Men teams A-F.

Of course It's not all bad news, I have about 4,000 comics sitting in a closet that would really like to be read a second time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Jack Reacher Conundrum

The Trailer for Jack Reacher hit the web a couple days ago and it presents us all with a bit of a dilemma. Can we overlook how Tom Cruise Crazy Tom Cruise has become enough to enjoy the first movie directed by Christopher McQuarrie since The Way of the Gun?

How did this even happen? How much cocaine had to go around the room before they decided that Tom Cruise's next movie should be written and directed by the guy that wrote the epic line "Shut that cunts mouth or I'll come over there and fuckstart her head"?

I'm guessing a lot. A lot of cocaine.

AKA the six million dollar honky

Not much happened in the nerd world yesterday so here's the latest Zac Brown Band video. Sure country music and nerdery rarely go hand in hand, but it's not everyday that Mike Judge directs an animated country music video. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of the Links

50 patriotic women in stars and stripes. Two things here. First off, hooray America. I'm spending the 4th with my wife and kid just chillaxin. Vacationing with the whole family was oddly stressful and I think we just need a day off. Second, what happened to Britney Spears? Seriously, what happened?

Halo 4’s Multiplayer Requires At Least 8 GBs of Space. 8 gigs? Looks like I'm going to need a bigger hard drive. I installed the latest Battlefield 3 patch last night and I'm down to my last free gig. Seriously, at what point does it stop being a patch?

Star Wars Figures Recreate Famous Photos. These are great. If i didn't have a real job or a family or whatever I could see myself just sitting around the house playing with action figures like this.... that sounded weirder than it did in my head.

A Brief History of the Batmobile. About 15 years ago I knew this guy that went to my church that drove an old black ford Galaxie 500 he called the Batmobile. He had a vanity Batman plate and would play the old 60s TV theme while cruising around. What a nerd..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There's a Starship Troopers Cartoon?

Have I already posted something about the Starship Troopers Cartoon? Well here it is in all it's CGI glory. I don't know, I mean I'm ready to worship at the shrine of all things Starship Troopers this just feels like a reach to me. Just make Starship Troopers 4 a straight to Cable movie on Syfy and be done with it. Johnny Rico can fight a shark with 8 legs or something.

Trader Joe's gets the 4th of July

Artist and uber-nerd Jesse Draper put together this amazing 4th of July display at the Trader Joe’s in San Rafael, CA. It's really impressive, although I think there was room for a Stalin or King George as Loki or Kang.

via unicornucopia

Return of the Mack Links

Anime Expo 2012 Cosplay Pics. As you might expect an event called Anime Expo had a lot of really good cosplay. I'm thinking of putting on my Han Solo costume when I go to see Spider-Man this weekend... Or maybe for casual Friday at work, who says you can only cosplay at conventions.

Marvel Studios Targets "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Movie. They had better be talking about the current Guardians of the Galaxy and not the boring team from the 70s and 80s. Rocket Racoon FTW!

11 Imagination-Jarring Tips From Creative Geniuses. I'm not sure I'm ready to sit in a pool and almost drown just to kick my artists block, but I think I can give the not sleeping thing a try. I just downloaded the update for Battlefield 3 and probably won't be sleeping anyway.

There Were Three Amazing Snake Plissken Projects That Were Canceled. Why on earth is there no Escape from New York video game? I can forgive Hollywood for passing on a Snake Plissken TV show, but a video game? That's just a license to print money.


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