Monday, April 30, 2012

Diablo III is bringing evil back

New Trailer for Diablo III hit the interwebs this weekend. You don't really get a good look at the game, but you do get to see that angel guy with the sword, and some girl looking scared. Sorry I honestly can't remember the plot from Diablo 2 at all.

Anyhoo this comes out on the PC this month, no date for consoles yet. I'm still deep into Skyrim so I'll probably wait for the console reviews. 60 bucks at Gamestop sounds a lot better to me than dropping a grand at NewEgg to get my PC back up to gaming specs.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Princess is in another Links

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) Cosplay. It's nice to know cosplayers can still surprise. I never in my life thought I'd see a sexy Bowser costume.

Hasbro are total dicks. Here's a little story about a guy that bought a nerf gun on-line, posted a review and then had Hasbro get all up in his grill. Lesson learned, the toy biz is SERIOUS BUSINESS BRA.

Ethics Lesson from Ty Templeton. Ty makes a pretty funny point about creative rights, and the ethics of buying comics and such. There's so much hand wringing going on over Alan Moore and Jack Kirby these days I think it's important to try and keep everything in perspective before you decide to just boycott DC or Marvel.

Is there really a New Mutants movie in the works? Oh man, I would LOVE a New Mutants movie. After Fox pigeon holed themselves with the X-Men franchise I could see Marvel looking at other popular mutant titles. There's rumor that Disney's animated department is working on an Marvel movie, could this be it?

Everything you need to turn your basement into a Chuck E. Cheese. I can't believe a skee ball machine costs so much. Maybe I could sell some of Logan's Thomas the Tank Engine trains, those things are redonkulously expensive.

New Mortal Kombat commercial is spank-tastic

I have no idea what Sony is selling with this commercial but I am buying.

BTW, anyone remember the fight scene the Mummy 2? The one where the two girls dressed as Egyptian slutty princesses go at it. Now that was a good movie.

Another New Avengers Trailer

I'm not sure what Joss Wheadon was thinking when he case former WWE superstar Chyna as She Hulk. Sure she's built kinda like She Hulk, but I'm pretty sure She Hulk doesn't have a penis. I mean I've never checked or anything, but if she did wouldn't she be called ladyboy Hulk, or pre-op Hulk?

It's the little things like this that Hollywood always seems to miss.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is the Batman your kid's birthday party deserves

The best part of this video is that now I know what I'm doing for Logan's 5th Birthday party.

Falling off the roof in a poorly constructed Batman costume.

The greatest Craig's List ad ever?

Is this the greatest Craig's List ad ever?  Jalopnik sure thinks so.  I'll admit it's hella funny. If I wasn't broke and I didn't grow a really ugly patchy beard, I might look at giving this guy a call. I'm not sure though how my wife would feel about having to ride in the car with every woman on the planet.

super awesome update. jalopnik now has an inteview with the guys that put this ad together. check it out here.

Is that a Star Wars micro cabinet in your pocket or are you just happy.. oh it is a cabinet

Uber-nerd Le Chuck has built the coolest Star Wars Arcade micro cabinet you've ever seen.  Seriously, it's the size of a bottle of wine and it looks amazing.  It even has a working flight yoke.  Man I would love to have one of these.  If I had 80 hours to spend I might try to build my own, Le Chuck has posted detailed directions on how to put one together yourself.  Of course that's a pretty big "if", I'm a pretty busy guy these days what with a family to ignore and skyrim to play.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New Links Format, Links

The Avengers Assembled out of everyday stuff. Target has some pretty swank print ads with the Avengers made up of toys and other crap they sell. In related news I hear the early reviews for The Avengers are out of this world (97 percent fresh on rotten tomatoes I believe). In less related news my wife says we have to wait until Sunday to see it opening weekend. In even less related news I might just call in sick to work May 4th and go see it without her.

10 shows cancelled after just one episode. I can't believe the Sklar brothers had a webclip comedy show like 10 years before tosh.o. Chopper 4! Chopper 4!

Your best/worst look at Before Watchmen. Before Watchmen is like Roe v Wade for nerds. Either it's the worst thing ever and DC is raping everyone's memories or Alan Moore is a big hairy idiot that needs to shut his trap and oh my god it's Nite Owl drawn by Darwyn Cooke! Personally, I couldn't care less. Watchmen was like 30 years ago. Call me when Marvel announces Before Spider-Man the Clone Saga.

Everything you need to know about Earth's Mightiest Heroes. ComicsAlliance has a really nice primer on all the movie Avengers. It's a good read, they take pot shots and Hawkeye and mention Thor Frog.

Believe in your smellf

I saw this old spice commercial last night and I'll be honest at first I thought it was some sort of fever dream. Turns out it's a real thing that really exists.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

finally someone made Tetris sexy

These Tetris leggings from Black Milk finally bring a little sexy time to everyone's favorite cold war era soviet classic. I'm not sure they're worth the $75 plus shipping Black Milk is asking for, but sometimes you have to pay to play (I have no idea what that means).

New GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer

A newer, longer (that's what she said) trailer for GI Joe: Retaliation hit the web this morning. 2 words: Rocket Motorcycle. Seriously, this looks a thousand times better than the assy Rise of Cobra. How do you make a movie with Sienna Miller as the Baroness suck so bad?

BTW, prepare to read me bitching about the new Blogger dashboard all week long. I know my work computer is slow (Pentium 4 baby!) but it's barely even usable. Right now I've been typing for about 45 seconds and still nothing's even shown up on the screen. Damn it Google, it's crap like this why I bought a windows phone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Batman Arkham City GOTY trailer

Here's the new trailer for Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year edition.  Because that's what we do now, we release trailers for DLC for games that are a year old.  Not that I'm complaining too much, I mean it does look amazing.  If I didn't already have the game I'd be all over this.

Even if you were to pick up a cheap used copy at Gamestop, getting all the DLC that's already available would set you back another 20 bucks. So paying full price for the game and all the bells and whistles isn't a bad deal.  Of course the fact that some of these bells and whistles were available as DLC on launch day is another story.

I hate you blogger..

RIP my super kick ass links posts.  Why?  'cause the new blogger dashboard can eat a dick, that's why.  I've spent roughly the last half hour trying to post 4 stupid links with centered pictures and the new dashboard is screwing me over and reformating everything every time I try and make the smallest change.  ARGH this is why we can't have nice things Google!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Holy Musical Batman!

The uber-nerds that put together the Harry Potter musical that I was going to do a post about like six months ago and never got around to doing have put together a Batman musical. And O M G.

There are so many good things to say about this. And I'm not just saying that because I'm pulled my hamstring last night and I'm all hopped up on oxycodone. I know, this first video is like 10 minutes long but just watch it, it's amazeballs.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to the Future, the Pitch

I guess the pitch meeting for Back to the Furture could have went down like this. However it was the 80s, their Ties would have been way skinnier and everyone would have been doing massive ammounts of coke.

Also not a single person has a flock of seaguls haircut. If I've learned anything from Adam Sandler movies it's that everyone in the 80s had super blown out mullets and weird swoopy bird haircuts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When you Playmobil the Game of Thrones...

Here's the Season 1 trailer of Game of Thrones done in stop motion with playmobil toys. 2 thoughts.

What no lego?

Not season 2? How long did this take to put together?

BTW, How great are Playmobil toys? Someone gave my son a pirate set of playmobils and man are they awesome. They're like legos but you don't have to spend all your time sifting through your bins trying to find a short blue L piece. Maybe the most underrated toy ever.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sand Sharks!

Move over Avengers. Step aside The Dark Knight Returns. There's a new summer blockbuster on the block. Sand Sharks, staring Brooke Hogan and Parker Lewis.

The trailer didn't have a release date but I'm sure it'll be playing at a theater near you. Home theater that is... (rimshot)

Monday, April 16, 2012

CryEngine 3 will melt your face

Here's a preview of the new version of CryEngine, the graphics engine Crytek uses for the Crysis series of games. It's redonkulous. Seriously, after watching it I immediately went to newegg and started shopping for graphics cards. Turns out you can't buy a next generation graphics card with 20 dollars and a book of subway coupons. Oh well, at least I'll have a footlong for $4.99 to drown my sorrows with.

Pump these links

Gas stations don't really make money on gas. Not only is this a great article on the economics of a gas station, in the comments section you'll find a terrific discussion on gas prices as a whole. Spoilers, every politician ever is lying to you about the price of gas.

The 7 Best Western-Themed Sci-Fi TV episodes. Is there anything better than sci-fi set in the old west? What? Cowboys and Aliens? Never heard of it.

Microsoft plans to further monetize xbox live users. So this rumor thing hit the web that in the 4th quarter of 2012 Microsoft is rolling out a plan to "further monetize" xbox live. No details or anything, just a vague reference in someone's linkedin profile. I can't believe there's so much outrage. You don't have to pay for xbox live you know. I'd rather have the option of paying a little more for xbox live than Microsoft just arbitrarily jacking up the prices on consoles or games.

Disguised Weapons Dealer on Craigslist. Oh man this is epic trolling. It's hard to describe what went on here, just click the link and enjoy the funny.

My Little Pony + Skyrim = ?

I finally started playing Skyrim this weekend. I've only put in a few hours so I'm still quite the noob, I have yet to see a single My Little Pony; no Fluttershy, no Rainbow Dash and certainly no Rainbow Sparkle. Maybe I'm playing the game wrong?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diablo 3: The Barbarian Trailer

So what's up guys, are we getting this on the 360 or the PC? I'm ready to slaughter cows and gather loot like it was 1999.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh hi Catwoman's butt

The first hi-rez (I refuse to call a picture HD) shot of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises hit the interwebs today. Two questions:

Why does a cat burglar need a glock?

High Heels, really?

Other than those little nitpicks, I think she looks pretty good. A lot better than Scarlett Johansson looks in the Avengers. Congrats DC, you've officially won the battle of summer movie nerd boners.

Evil Dead 2 Rotoscoped

One of the things I was thinking about this weekend while spending Easter with the family was how much I miss watching horror movies late at night when my son couldn't sleep unless I was holding him. I'm not sure what that really has to do with this rotoscoped trailer for Evil Dead 2 but it's my blog, I'll do what I want.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rhyme O'Clock by Wordbuglar

Hey kids, Wordbuglar has a new video/single out with called Rhyme O'clock. It's got it all, a real dj spinning vinyl, comic books, ed-209 from RoboCop a couple verses by my new favorite rapper More or Les. It's like everything cool from hip hop in the late '90s and early '00s went to Toronto and just kinda hung out there for a while. There must be something in the Molson Ice.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alligator Gar Links

The Creators and Cosplay of Emerald City Comiccon. This gallery is a bit disappointing. I think it focuses less on the cosplayers and more on artists with beards. Oh well, it's not like I put my own together.

Whatever happened to the American arcade? Another great article by Ars Tecnica (Seriously Gizmodo pull your heads out of your asses you're falling behind). It compares and contrasts the Japanese arcade scene to the practically non-existent American scene.

21 of the freakiest fish caught on River Monsters. OMG I love this show! There was this episode where he was in some giant river in Africa looking for some monster fish that was 400+ pounds and he was standing in a hollowed out canoe that couldn't have been more than 18 inches wide. He makes Bear Grylls look like a chump.

25 Unbelievable Pictures of the Tornado damage in Texas. Holy ass, those are semi-truck trailers just flying around all willy nilly. Just one more reason not to live in Texas.

The one where Black Widow beats up some chumps

Riddle me this, you have a super spy tied to a chair, why would you let her talk on her phone? I mean they have GPS in phones these days. Didn't they see the Dark Knight?


BTW, wasn't this exact scene in the first Charles Angels movie?


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Young Avengers.. brought to you by Target

This Target commercial featuring a bunch of kids playing Avengers is pretty cool. I'm especially impressed at how good the Hulk looks. I think he looks better here than he did in the Ang Lee directed Hulk. Remember how disappointing that movie was? Yeeesh.

Still, 7-11 had some great Hulk slurpee cups, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Will the next generation of video game consoles be underpowered?

Ars Technica had a very interesting article today about the processors rumored to be powering Sony and Microsoft's next generation of consoles (which might just be the last generation of consoles). It's well worth the read, but if you don't have the time let me sum up. The rumored processors behind the Playstation 4 and the Xbox 361 (patent pending) are a little underwhelming. They're especially underwhelming when you compare them to the processors the 360 and the PS3 were sporting at the time of their launch. The Xbox is almost seven years old and seven years ago if you wanted to build a gaming machine with the horsepower the Xbox has you were talking $2,000 easy. The AMD x86 processor the PS4 is rumored to be using is arguably less powerful than the current PS3 cell processor. That's not to say the machine as a whole will be less powerful, but the processor itself isn't as cutting edge as some Sony fans would expect.

There are perfectly reasonable answers for why Sony and Microsoft would look to take a step back on in the innovation battle when it comes to the next generation of consoles. First off it's cheaper. There's no way Sony can come in at the 600 dollar price point again, and this time around I don't see anyone lining up to take a dollar loss just to gain market share. Setting the hardware standards a bit lower will keep the price down. As Nintendo showed with the Wii sometimes cheaper wins. Secondly, using a more traditional chipset will make it easier for devlopers to program. The closer these things are to regular computers the easier (and cheaper) it is to develop games. Just look at the success Microsoft has enjoyed with Xbox Live arcade.

What does this mean to you and I the gamer? I think it's just confirms the idea that our gaming machines are moving to what Nintendo envisioned 25 years ago, a real "entertainment system".

I'm not saying that Call of Duty 7: Blackest Ops won't look and play great, but if you thought Sony and Microsoft were pushing the previous generation of consoles as home entertainment integration devices, you haven't seen anything yet. Soon we'll all be logging into Facebook through our Kinnect facial recognition software. All so we can play Angry Birds the way it was meant to be played, fumbling around with our hands in the air looking like jackasses.

Consider that a divorce

The full trailer for the Total Recall remake finally hit the web this weekend. I give it an "ehh" plus, and not because the movie isn't on Mars or there's no chance of three boobed hookers. It just feels like I've seen this movie before and it wasn't called Total Recall, it was called The Fifth Element. Or was it I Robot, maybe it was Blade Runner. Either way nothing in the trailer here felt fresh and exciting.

If you're going to remake on of the all-time best action sci-fi movies you better bring something new to the table. Unless this thing gets mega awesome reviews (which I doubt), I'll probably wait for DVD.

The new jam for all the Bronys out there

Here's a fan made video to an mc chris song about My Little Pony. And you thought Emerald City Comic Con was the nerdiest thing to happen this weekend.


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