Friday, January 30, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

HBO has released a couple 10 second teasers for Game of Thrones Season 5 but this is our first look at an honest to God trailer for the upcoming season. The trailer is scheduled to air during the Game of Thrones IMAX screening and this looks far from IMAX. I'm pretty sure it will get pulled down in a few hours so enjoy it while you can.

Based on all the spoilers I've seen (mostly from pictures of production) this season looks to be the one that will divert from the books the most. I know plenty of nerds that are nervous about that but I'm pretty excited. The showrunners been pretty solid at distilling 700 page books into 10 hours of TV programing, I think they'll do a good job branching off from the source material. Especially when you consider we're probably 7 or 8 more years away from the next book.

Wu Tang Clan: Gravel Pit

Sweet Christmas I forgot how little sense this video makes. Did that elevator just send them back in time? Why is Lanie from Castle tied up? Why are there Ninjas in 2 million BC?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Star Wars: Battle Pod

How weird is this, the two most exciting video game prospects in my near future are playing Apple II games on my Raspberry Pi and going to a freaking arcade to play Star Wars Battle Pod. What year is this, 1987?

Check out this feature on the new Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game, this thing looks so baller. I bet you it's going to cost like 5 bucks for 60 seconds of game play and I don't even care. Take all my monies!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beer Delivering Rabbits are a thing now

There is probably a more practical way to get a beer than having a rabbit deliver it to you via push cart but I'm 100% sure they aren't as adorable. I wonder if it works with domestics and imports? It would be a shame to go through all that work and then figure out little bunny foo foo can't make with the Red Stripe

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic Four Trailer

They call this trailer for Fox's reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise a teaser trailer but it's almost 2 minutes long. I don't think the word teaser means what they think it means. Surprisingly it's not as terrible looking as most assumed it would be. Don't get me wrong, I still assume this will be a complete pile of garbage and beyond Roger Ebert rising from the grave to give it 4 stars I won't be seeing it in the theater.

Josh Trank, the writer and director, has made a lot of hay this morning by claiming this interpretation of the FF will be "hard sci-fi". Again... I don't think that word means what he thinks it means. By saying hard sci-fi I think Trank and Fox are trying to temper expectations that this is going to be a traditional (and in their opinion boring) superhero movie. Anyway the movie comes out in August and they just went back to reshoot some scenes, so I'm sure everything is going swimmingly.

It's funny that every studio and their grandmother wants to copy Marvel's success with their film franchises yet no one wants to make a superhero movie or at the very least they want to take the source material and throw it in the toilet first. Good luck with that, just don't be shocked when your movie tanks and Captain Marvel makes like a billion dollars.

Monday, January 26, 2015

but you said he's just a friend...

Raspberry Pi B+, the Unboxing!

A month or so ago I posted a link to a guy that built a really cool retro console emulator using a Raspberry Pi. It was so cool I made a couple impulse buys on Amazon and before you know it I had my very own Raspberry Pi B+. I also bought a couple retro controllers because what's the point of emulating ExciteBike if you're going to play with it on your keyboard?

Anyhoo, here's what the box looks like. This is my first Raspberry Pi so I probably went overboard, I bought the CanaKit ultimate starter kit. I was afraid of getting halfway into my build and finding out I was missing some stupid switch or something. $59.99 on Amazon right now.

The first thing I noticed was how small the case it came with is (Lego Spider-Man for scale). I knew these things were small but I had no idea it was THIS small. My biggest concern at this point is once all the cables are plugged in this box is going to look kinda silly.

The power adapter is just like a cell phone charger. It even uses a micro USB connector.

Oh crap, I have no idea what these are.

Ditto on all these wires

And here's where I feel like I might be in over my head. I haven't soldered anything since I was in high school.

Still feeling in over my head.

At least I recognize these cables.

So here's where the magic happens... kind of. The Raspberry doesn't have a hard drive so everything loads off a MicroSD card. I have a couple 2gig ones but the Ultimate kit included an 8gig one with the operating system pre-installed. Look at how tiny this thing is. It holds more info than what, 7,000 floppies?

This is a very small wireless adapter yet I'm kind of disappointed in it. I wish it was either built onto the motherboard or was oriented differently, maybe vertically? I don't know, before I saw all the wires and diodes this thing came with connecting this baby to my wireless network was my biggest fear. I'm hoping this thing is plug and play but I have a bad feeling about this.

Here's the actual guts. Again, it's hard to explain just how small this thing is. It's no bigger than my cell phone.

Here's a better look at the power plug, the HDMI connector and a 1/8th inch jack that handles both video and audio in case you need to plug in a pair of headphones or hook this up to something that doesn't take HDMI. An HDMI cable was included but no adapter for this.

Pretty standard 10/100 network connector and 4 USB hubs.

The cutest little heatsink I've ever seen. It's like half an inch by half an inch. I've read that unless you plan on overclocking the pi this is pretty unnecessary but the case has plenty of vertical room so I'll probably use it.

That's pretty much it, sorry it's a bit anticlimactic at the end. I didn't even try putting it together after I opened everything up. I spent most of my free time on Sunday watching instructional videos on youtube. It looks like putting it together is a snap and all the diodes and switches are totally unnecessary for what I want to do with it. I'd like this whole enterprise to go as smooth as possible so I'm going to take my time reading more on RetroPie (the emulation software I want to run) and the controllers I bought before putting it all together. If everything goes right I should be looking at this boot up screen in the next few days:

I'll try and keep everyone up to date on how it goes.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I heard Daddy Tell Mommy...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lets run the Jewels

I'm old and I'm white, plus I have children so I have no idea what Running the Jewels is... other than the fact that it's a bad ass hip hop duo comprised of Killer Mike and El-P. I don't know, I've been sick for the last 4 days and am so far behind at work it's hilarious, I figure running the Jewels is just something I should be doing. Is it anything like setting a new high score on Angry Bird Transformers?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crossovered Links

Breastaurants Booming As The Restaurant Industry Struggles. Good for the Breastaurants but I won't be visiting one. I've been to Hooters I think 3 times and every single time I felt incredibly awkward. It's all so weird. I feel like if I went there enough I'd turn into George Costanza when he combined food and sex. One day I'm just eating a pastrami sandwich and HELLO..

Meet The Guy Who Hides Zelda Treasures Around Austin, Texas. I love this guy but I have a feeling this is going to end with a bomb squad and a swat team. You can't just go around hiding things in public these days. Thanks Obama.

13 Unlikely Comic Book Crossovers (That Actually Happened). It's a rare day at the comic book shop where I pick up Transformers vs GI Joe or X-Men vs Star Trek but I'm glad these crazy comics exist. I mean who else is going to feed the nerdy desire of having Captain Kirk hook up with Rogue? The Internet? I really think the Internet has better things to do.

Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for Star Wars. There's nothing new here it's just a giant imgur gallery of Ralph McQuarrie's gorgeous concept art for Star Wars. Man these are really amazing. I'm pretty excited to see that JJ Abrams is going back to these concepts for Episode VII. At least from the first look at the X-wing we say it looks like he is. I don't see any paintings of our new rolly ball robot friend in here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

R2-D2 Subtitles

R2D2 Subtitles by eclecticmethod

So everyone knows that R2-D2 is the sassiest droid in a galaxy far far away but did you ever want to know exactaly how sassy he is? Some nerd out there scoured their droid to English dictionary and has provided us with subtitles for a few choice scenes.

Can you really blame the little guy? I mean if you had to deal with C3-PO ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for roughly 20 years I'm guessing you'd be a bit short with people too.

The Return of Workaholics

Any Workaholics fans out there? If so you probably already know Season 5 premieres tonight but you might not have caught this insane trailer for it. I'm 99% sure they blew the entire budget for season 5 on the trailer. Every episode will probably take place on their roof.

I like Workaholics well enough. It's not destination TV for me or anything but it's nice to have on the DVR during 2am feedings with the toddler that will never sleep. It's one of those shows that will have a couple alright episodes and then one that's just incredible. That homemade water slide scene from season 4 was worth the entire season.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Trailer part II

In case you weren't one of the millions tuning in to watch Ohio State embarrass Oregon here's the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer you missed. Really you didn't miss that much. Sure there's plenty of new footage compared to the first trailer but the themes aren't that different from the first one. Destruction everywhere, The Avengers looking defeated, Ultron rising from the ashes, Hulkbuster armor. Don't get me wrong, I'm still super excited to see the movie it's just that this trailer didn't wow me or anything. I only watched it 6 or 7 times this morning.

Monday, January 12, 2015

iZombie: CW First Look

The CW is really doubling down on their Comic Book TV shows. First Arrow, then The Flash now iZombie and a Supergirl show. That's a lot of comic books on TV. Where are all the sparkly vampires and Sex in the City prequels going to go?

iZombie looks ok, sassy zombie that eats brains to solve murders by the guy that did Veronica Mars sounds like a slam dunk but it feels a bit too Veronica Marsy. Just name the show Zombie Veronica Mars and be done with it. Of course I do hope the show is a huge hit. I'm looking for more comics to sell on ebay and right now my copy of iZombie #1 is just sitting there doing nothing.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Archer: Archersaurus

Archer - Archersaurus (UNAIRED PILOT Episode... by disnmad

Did you know that there was an entire episode of Archer made where Archer was replaced with a Velociraptor for zero reason? It's amazing. I haven't watched last nights season premier but unless they randomly replaced Lana with a sloth or a Yeti I can't imagine it being better than this.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This guy is kinda good at Tetris

I'm always amazed and a bit depressed when I stumble upon a video like this. This guy... This guy is better at Tetris than I will be at anything ever. At the six minute mark he starts playing with invisible pieces it's beyond ridiculous.

Daredevil Gets a Release Date

A couple days ago Marvel released what they're calling a "motion poster", which is basically just a short youtube clip that announces the release date for the Netflix Daredevil series. I guess I'm excited. A few years ago I lobbied the idea that Marvel should introduce some of it's lesser heroes (like Iron Fist) in a collection of short films. Of course I never anticipated the demand for Superheroes on TV so now it sounds stupid. In a way I'm getting what I wanted. I'm just not super excited about the Netflix policy of releasing every episode all at once.

Call me an old crank but there's something fun about watching a serialized tv show presented at a deliberate pace. In many ways it's similar to the traditional comic book format. Delayed gratification and all that. Binge watching has its time and place but so does suspense and anticipation. I don't know, I'm just spitballing ideas, trying to figure out why I'm so indifferent to the announcement. Maybe I should stop thinking about the race to review and recap every episode and concentrate on Rosario Dawson as Night Nurse.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Ant-Man Trailer

Hey kids, did you miss the new Ant-Man trailer that premiered during last nights Agent Carter? Because I sure did. Thank you very much Dish Network an your usually fabulous 30 second skip forward button. Thankfully youtube exists so we don't need to watch commercials anymore. Although with youtube you will probably have to sit through a commercial just to watch this commercial. Damn it youtube.

The trailer itself is kind of underwhelming. I like it, I just don't LOVE it. I like Paul Rudd but I don't know... I kinda hate Michael Douglas in it. Weird?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Super Links

This is the new Sony Walkman. Hey yo, Sony is reinventing the Walkman brand and holy crap are they doing it with gusto. The price tag is $1,200. That's right $1,200 for an MP3 player. It's a very fancy mp3 player with all sorts of lossless playback capabilities that I'm sure won't mean zilch the first time some moron plugs his pair of Beats into it. Still, nice work getting people to look your way Sony.

30 Things Turning 30 in 2015. No better way to feel old than to think about things you grew up with and how old they've become. The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Wrestlemania, the NES! Oh the horror. All these old things have been confirmed as old and therefore so have I!

Software Library: MS-DOS Games. Speaking of old things... The Software Library, which is a thing I didn't know existed until today. Posted 2,500 old Dos games that are now playable in your browser. There's a shitload of good games in there. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Lemmings, Sim City, Battle Chess, Stunt Driver, Dragon's Lair, seriously the list is incredible. If you need me I'll be calling in sick so I can play Scorched Earth for a couple days.

Gemma Atkinson May Be ‘Supergirl’ Says Source Seeking Excuse To Post Pin-Ups. In related news Blog seeking excuse to post pin-ups links to website seeking excuse to post pin-ups of Gemma Atkinson. Boom... you just got Inceptioned.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hack the Planet!

OMG guys, SyFy is making a TV show sort of kind of based on the greatest movie of 1995, Hackers.
Syfy and Relativity Television announced today that they are teaming up to develop a new unscripted series titled “Hackers,” which will take viewers deep inside the shadowy and dangerous world of high-tech computer hackers.

The show “Hackers” will reveal secrets behind the most infamous cyber-crimes ever committed, using CGI graphics to create experiential “hacking” scenes that delve into what actually happens when a computer network is broken into – including what goes on inside the mind of the hacker.

Each episode of “Hackers” will unveil the true stories — ripped from the headlines — of real-life hackers who turned entire industries upside down, featuring interviews with both the actual perpetrators and the law enforcement agents who tracked them down.
Ok, that doesn't really sound like it's based on the movie Hackers at all. Damn it. This is why we can't have nice things. I guess I'll still watch but I'm not going to be happy about it.

6 Ways Gamers Have Taken the Fun Out of Gaming

A couple weeks ago cracked did this video on ways that Gamers have taken the fun out of gaming. I'd argue that it's more the video game publishers that have taken the fun out of gaming but by buying and playing those games I guess Gamers are equally culpable. Either way the video is funny, enjoy!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014, Back to the Future

Based on just the overall number of posts, 2014 was actually the least productive year I've had blogging since I started. I think I did a lot more reviews and long form ramblings than I have in past years. So I guess it's a trade off. Less posts but they take like a minute and a half to read instead of 30 seconds. I guess that's progress? I don't know man, I'm barely awake this morning.

So, without any further pomp and circumstance, let's take a look at the most popular or memorable posts of 2014.

I forgot I even wrote this post on Fantasy GI Joe Draft Rankings. I think I had plans on making this a big series of rankings and never got around to it.

2014 showed us the some of the worst the internet has to offer in The Fappening and Gamergate. The ring of hackers trading on celebrity nudes had been rumored for years but it's one thing to hear about something it's another to actually see it. Anyone that has any sort of internet connected device should be terrified of the Fappening. Anyone can steal anything, it's horrifying.

As always, Cosplay posts get lots of hits. ZOMG Cosplay is Killing Conventions! and Emerald City Comicon 2014 Cosplay Showcase both got a lot of hits. Maybe in 2015 I'll double down on Cosplay. I can practically taste that $100 pay out from adsense.

Back in my 2013 wrap up I predicted that the new generation of consoles would roll out a bunch of titles that really blew away the launch ones and have me jonesing for a PS4 or Xbone. Man was I wrong. Sure, there are some nice looking new games out there but most stories revolved around nerfed graphic settings or buggy launches. Except for the WiiU. Have you played a WiiU? The new Mario Kart is the heezy for sheezy.

My High School Reunion: The Review. Sweet Christmas, when did I get so old?

Squirt Guns: The Review. I guess whenever I started reviewing squirt guns?

Anytime I can take a subject that's making some hay on the internet and turn it into a post about me I'll do it. Too much Puff not enough Power with these girls is a perfect example of this. Can't critique someone else's art without talking about my own!

2014 was a weird year to be a nerd. The #1 movie of the year stared Groot and Rocket Racoon so it's not like nerds had it rough or anything but there's still this undercurrent of exploitation you have to deal with. She Hulk is a Porn Star and you're a nerd pretty much sums that up. The guy that co-wrote the Batman trilogy just throws shade on a whole slew of nerds without realizing he moved into a glass house. It's like it's cool to be nerdy but only if you're the right kind of nerd.

The Belgians Booty Rock Dvořák's Sypmphony No. 9 was a very popular post for reasons. In fact there was a lot of ass shaking in 2014, like a lot.

I could have included any number of posts on comic book movie casting but this one on From Wonder Woman to Mockingbird was the big winner for the year. It's almost like if you post pictures of attractive ladies you get more hits. I know, I know that sounds crazy but you can't argue with science.

And now just for fun, here are the top 20 search keywords:

nicole scherzinger boobs
kate upton nude
diora baird nude
larissa swanson ct
cosplay slip
diora baird
nicole scherzinger tits
soccer mom
abbey clancy ass
cosplay nip slip
lust of the dead
nicole scherzinger porn
cosplay nipple slip
jimmy fallon hair loss
kaley cuoco body paint
sofia vergara bikini
carrot top net worth
deadpool cosplay

Nicole scherzinger boobs? Cosplay nip slip? Abbey Clancy ass? Jimmy Fallon hair loss? You're all a bunch of perverts aren't you?

Here's to a fantastic 2015, with your help maybe we'll find that nicole scherzinger sex tape everyone is looking for.


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