Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman's a commie now

Remember when Superman decided to walk across the US, No? I think it was for charity or something. Still nothing? Well the nerds at DC found a better way to get Supes some mainstream media love. In Action Comics #900 Superman made clear his intentions to renounce his US citizenship. It all happened in a back up story written by current Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer.

This scene was a result of Superman catching a bunch of flack from the state department for joining a peaceful pro-democracy demonstration in Iran. Guess what happened next? The internet exploded.

Well it didn't explode right away. First the fine folks at comicsalliance ran a story about it, asking what the implications to his decision might be in both the comics world and the real world. Then this morning tons of major media outlets picked it up. The response has been birther-tastic.

Superman is dead to me now. This political correctness is making me sick.

How does this factor into his life as Clark Kent? Is he really so two-faced that he'll renounce it as Superman but still try to hold it as Kent? Sorry Supes, if you want to make this "grand" gesture, you have to abandon your rights as an American citizen as Kent. Which means you'll at the least be deported until such a time as a visa comes in for you.


Shame, shame, shame! The Founding Fathers gave their lives to create this Democratic Republic and a few generations later we are about to destroy it. I guess Americans do deserve what's coming.

good for the man of steel superman truth,justis and the american way has bied with the bushes time in office fother and son killed america in my mind thxs god bless the usa

That last one is my personal favorite. Although the guy screaming about Wonder Woman being a Lesbian has some good points. California does kinda suck and Wonder Woman would make a fantastic lesbian.

Now that's Fishing

When I was a kid my dad always wanted to take me fishing. I absolutely hated it. Maybe if he had used water skis and swords as opposed to fish finders and downriggers I would've liked it a bit more.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Generic Robots fighting part 3

Full disclosure time. I like the first Transformers movie. I know it's stupid but it had some good action, a few funny moments and just enough Optimus Prime to make me feel like a 10 year old kid again. With that being said Transformers 2 was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I liked Robot Jox better than Transformers 2. Maybe... just maybe Transformers 3, stupid name and all, will be better but I'm not holding my breath.

Also Rosie Huntington Whiteley looks weird, I hope she washes cars really well cause she's no Megan Fox's toe thumbs.

Royal Links

15 Hilarious Kate Middelton FTW pics. Not all 15 are hilarious, but most of them are pretty good. At least this gives me something to snicker about while my wife makes me watch this stupid wedding.

Gary Busey joins the cast of Piranha 3DD. In other news there's a sequel to Piranha 3D and it's called Piranha 3DD, as in double Ds. You know, like boobs man.

How Michael Scott went from zero to hero. Even with The Office getting kinda crappy over the last couple years, Michael Scott's last show feels like a big deal. But I swear if NBC plays that Green Day song at any point I'm out.

Dads the original hipsters. Yeah that's one year old me on my dads toaster tank BMW with Ural sidecar. Way to keep it real dad.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another new X-Men Trailer

Good grief Charlie Brown, this is beyond ridiculous. I'm pretty sure in the time it takes me to write this post Fox is going to have released 4 more trailers. 2 in 3d.

Oh yeah, the trailer looks the bomb yo. I hope hope hope the movie really is as good as it looks.

Tom Haverfoods FTW

I was going to save this for a links post but on second thought I think it's too good not to share right away. It's An entire site dedicated to bringing you food nicknames by Pawnee resident Tom Haverford.

Parks and Recreation has been really good this year, maybe not as great as it was last season when I crowned it the funniest show on TV (I made my own crown and everything), but still really funny. Now that I think about it, almost all my favorite comedies have been worse this season. Community, The Office, Modern Family, It's always Sunny. I still like them they're just not as good as they were last year. I mean Dee's pregnant, Who cares? I just want more kitten mittens damn it.

Maybe I'm imagining things or maybe it's just that Archer has been sooooo overwhelmingly awesome it's ruining me for all other comedies.

Anyway back to my point Whoever created this is a Haverfoods site is a genius. Other highlights that I didn't feel like capturing were:

Biscuits are Butter Boats
Gum is Chew Chew Trains
Lemonade is LL Cool Ade
Cookies are Tiny-Ass Cakes

seriously go check it out.

5 Fast 5 Furious writer speaks

The Onion interviewed the writer for the upcoming super blockbuster 5 Fast 5 Furious. In an amazing numerical coincidence the writer just happens to be 5 years old. The good news, he says he's on board for about 60 more sequels.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just when I think I'm out..

Here's a trailer for the new Black Ops expansion pack called Call of the Dead. It actually stars Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker and Sarah Michelle Gellar, which is kind of amazing. I don't care if this costs 1,000 xbox live points it looks totally worth it (I may or may not be underestimating the value of xbox live points).

Barely there Links

26 Pictures from Nerdy Weddings. I have a hard time even fathoming how into Halo have to be to want Master Chief to officiate your wedding. I don't even think Gary Halo the creator of Xbox would want that.

Byran Singer and William Shatner's Star Trek Pitches. I seriously miss Star Trek on TV. Battlestar Galactica filled that hole for a little while, but now there's nothing. What's SyFy doing over there anyway? Is there too little room on the schedule with all the Ghost Hunting they do now?

The top 10 movies people lie about having seen. I was pretty impressed that I've seen four of these. Or is it less? No it's four.... maybe.

Sony's new tablet PCs look weird. I saw these and I was like, really Sony? I had no idea they still make computer stuff. Also did you here they crashed the Playstation network? I guess it's a banner day in Sony land.

Monday, April 25, 2011

People in the 70s had to be high

And I mean high like all the time. How else can you explain this video from the Donny and Marie show. It's a take off of Star Wars I guess, There's singing and dancing and Redd Foxx for some reason. The whole thing's afwul, just awful.

via gammasquad

Valve "Probably" hates me


Video game journalist (really?) Geoff Keighley did a big story on Portal 2 the other day that was released as an iPad ap (really?) and in it Valve honcho Gabe Newell had something interesting to say.

"Portal 2 will probably be Valve's last game with an isolated single-player experience".. What this all means is something Newell is still trying to figure out."

via kotaku

Now if this really is true, and not some throwaway line in a puff piece about Portal 2 that barely anyone is going to stop playing Portal 2 long enough to download and read, it sucks. Valve has made a lot of great single player games. Ok, Valve has made like 3 great single player games. But they were really really great single player games. Half Life and Half Life 2 are my favorite computer games of all time right next to Ultima IV and Bejeweled Blitz. I really hope they're not ditching single player games to work on co-op games exclusively.

Maybe I'm old, or maybe I'm just socially maladjusted but I don't really get what's so great about Co-op games. I like playing video games with my friends and all, but why play with them when I can play against them? I mean how many humans does it take to beat my xbox 360 anyway? Besides I have a kid these days. You know how many xbox live friends really want to play Halo with me between the hours of 10-11pm on Friday and 7-9am on Sundays? One, his name is Hugh Jankles and I have no idea how he got on my buddies list.

Another X-Men: First Class Trailer

You know how Warner Brothers released a Green Lantern trailer but everyone thought it was kind of stupid. Then like 3 months later they released a new trailer with all kinds of crazy new footage and everyone thought it was awesome? Well Fox is doing the exact opposite of that. This is like the 4th new trailer for X-Men: First class in about a week and each new trailer has roughly 2 and a half seconds of unseen footage.

This trailer has a little bit of unseen footage of Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. I'm super pumped to see Bacon's take on Shaw if for no other reason than there needs to be more bad guys in movies named Sebastian. Seriously, who names their kid that and then doesn't expect them to be evil. Sebastian... I can't even type it without adding ominous looking extra periods.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Which seat will these Links take?

Scott Adams is starting to lose it. A couple months ago Scott Adams went on line and said a few things that are kinda sexist. Then he followed it up by posing as an anonymous fan and posting a bunch of supportive things on his own message board. Maybe this is why Gary Larson called it quits after a few years.

Inside the first Reality Rocks Expo in CA. Wait are you trying to tell me no one wanted to pay 35 dollars to get autographs from Ari from the Amazing race? What about the Big Brother panel? People really need to get their priorities straight.

11 awesome homemade tardises. Or is it Tardi? Either way it's your reminder that new Dr. Who starts this weekend. Woo hoo!

25 Haunting shipwrecks from around the world. You think this isn't nerdy, but wait until I tell you about my Clive Cussler collection. I have a signed copy of Atlantis Found and every book of his since 1995 in hardba... hey where are you going?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Thor commercial is mostly cute

Here's Marvel ripping off everyone's favorite add from the superbowl this year. It's good enough to pass along, but it's not great or anything. Frankly I find it doubtful that this kid could really pick up the real Mjolnir.

Attack the Block Trailer

I keep hearing about this movie Attack the Block and how radly British it's going to be. It's from the Shaun of the Dead fellas and it's about teenagers fighting aliens so it's practically swimming in nerdery. The fine folks at bleeding cool have been all over this thing saying how great it is. There have also been a lot of comparisons to the Goonies, which is great to hear but come on.. it's no Goonies.

Still, the trailer looks pretty good. It doesn't have a US release date yet, so who knows when we'll get to see it over here. Of course if you're morally challenged and have a high speed connection you've probably already seen it. In which case go ahead and leave a review in the comments.

You're in the Danger Zone

Last night I finally finished watching last weeks Archer. It's easily my favorite show on TV but I play soccer on Thursday so I usually watch it on the DVR later the next.. hey why do you care anyway?

So I'm watching Archer last night and in the previews for next weeks show they say the most dreaded words on TV: Season Finale (cue sad trombone).. So basically what I'm saying is that tonight you should definitely watch Archer. Even if I'm going to watch it this weekend.

above clip via

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joseph Gordon Levitt will play the Joker

Ok so remember how the other day I said Chris Nolan was trolling all the net nerds by waiting so long to cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a completely original character in the Dark Night Rises? Well I was wrong, not about the trolling part. He's still trolling us net nerds but the JGL isn't playing an original character, he's playing the Joker.

Supposedably Levitt is playing a beat cop named John Blake, but don't you see. JOhn blaKE, take out all those stupid middle letters and you're left with Joke. Not convinced? check out the cartoon below, the name on that report card the Joker steals is John Blake.

See? I rest my case.

Stick to teaching Karaoke

This must be some sort of new Math, cause my calculator comes up with 1,250 everytime.

via theHighDefinite

4/20 is stupid

It took less than a month but I found something more annoying than April Fools day, April 20th. You see on April fools day all the blogs I like to read take a break from their regularly scheduled programing to post a bunch of asinine stories that are supposed to either be funny or fool me somehow. It pretty much makes surfing the web unbearable for a whole day. I mean what else am I supposed to do instead of work? go outside? I don't think so.

Of course April 1st might as well be the day before Comic-con when compared to 4/20. Hey great, you smoke weed. That totally makes you awesome and not annoying at all. No please, tell me more about how Coachella used to be all about the music..

New Grainy X-men: First Class Trailer

Seriously was this thing compressed using an Amiga? It looks awful. Oh well, as advertised here's the new Trailer for X-Men: First Class. It includes previously unseen footage like Banshee flying and Havok shooting someone with an energy blast. That's about it.... umm here's a picture of Jenifer Lawrence as Mystique.

I really want to know what those thigh zippers could possibly be used for. Does her costume turn into shorts like that pair of khakis I had in 1999 did?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop haunting my dreams Carrot Top!

Apparently all the nerds took the day off to play Portal 2 today because NOTHING is happening on the internet. Ok two things happened. I saw this freaky picture of Carrot Top and the WB announced what characters Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard would play in the Dark Night Rises.

I went with the Carrot Top photo.

True story; I once bought Carrot Top tickets for some of my friends so they could avoid the Tickemaster surcharge buttrape. He was playing a Riverboat Casino way out in the middle of nowhere that I lived next to at the time. The ticket agent showed me a seating chart, asked me where I wanted to sit and I told her "I don't care, I'm not actually going to see Carrot Top".

At the time I thought I was being real clever but my guess is that no one admits to buying Carrot Top tickets for themselves, they're always buying them for their "friends".

Oh yeah, In the Dark Night Rises JGL and Cotillard are going to play original characters that don't appear in the comics. When reached for comment Chris Nolan made this face:

Free Links are Free

The greatest Star Wars/Civil War Reenactment. This is like a battle of nerds trying to out nerd each other. At least the Star Wars guys brought a chick.

Imogen Thomas probably had an affair with Ryan Giggs. I love the balls on this chick (that sounded weird), she's upset about how unfairly she was treated by the married dude she's sleeping with. That's like complaining that the Audi you just stole doesn't have the optional 19" alloy rims.

14 Things you didn't know about Boy Meets World. Did I miss something, was Boy Meets World awesome and I just didn't pay attention while it was happening?

Adam WarRock Drops Free X-Factor EP. Seriously it's a free EP, just go download it, then you can bitch about how much he sucks next time I'm driving to Red Robin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

12 minutes of Battlefield 3

Good gravy this looks awesome. I'm just hoping they fixed the multiplayer flaws that bothered me about Battlefield 2. Even with those flaws there was nothing cooler than spotting some guy taking cover, then blowing the shit out of his cover with a rocket launcher. It's ruined me for all first person shooters. I tried playing Black Ops this weekend and just could get over the fact that you can hide behind a wooden crate and not get killed. You know two things that aren't bulletproof? Wood and my patience for the release of Battlefield 3.

Sexy (?) Marvel Pajamas

It's my Wife's birthday this week and I still haven't bought her a gift. I've kinda been stumped this year, that is until I saw these Marvel Superheroine pajamas over at bleedingcool. I'm sure there's no way she'll be weirded out with the idea that I want to dress her up as sexy Captain America or She-Hulk.

Shark Night 3D looks about right

Here's the first released image from the movie Shark Night 3D. It's only relevant because I had a conversation with some friends this weekend about how awesome Piranha 3D was. Seriously that movie was so cool it made my references to house party 2 look like my constant use of the word So to start all my blog posts.

On name alone, Shark Night 3D sounds like it could be equally awesome, but it's directed by the same guy who did Snakes on a Plane, which sucked. Hopefully they skip the rumored PG-13 rating and go for a full R. You can't have an awesome schlocky gore fest with a PG-13 rating. Where else do you put Kelly Brook's boobs, or Jerry O'Connell's piranha eaten penis?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The post where I review movies I've seen

The last couple weeks I've seen two movies. Two movies in the theater. Yeah I know, it's kind of amazing. You should see the stack of comics I have to read, yet for whatever reason I left the house at least twice. The two movies I saw were Kevin Smith's super low budget/indie darling Red State and the much maligned Sucker Punch by Zack Snyder

Both Films are vanity projects from directors that I guess feel like they have something to prove. For Snyder it's that he's more Nolan than McG and for Smith it's that.. well for Smith it's just to prove that he's more than dick and pot jokes. Zack Snyder probably has more to lose with Sucker Punch. Smith admits he's near the end of his directing career. His ambitions never seem to have been that grand but Snyder, Snyder is obviously swinging for the fences with every project. Problem is you can't hit home runs by adapting other peoples work. We'll you can, but you're going to have Barry Bonds size asterisks next to all your records.

The best thing I can say about Red State is that it works, it's not the most ambitious movie in the world but the plot is tight the action is intense and the dialogue rings true. It's a good movie that I really enjoyed and would totally pay to see again. Smith describes it as a horror movie but I think action thriller is probably more accurate. The movie's a bit blunt in places ie. Religious people are wackos, the government can't be trusted, teen boys are horny, etc. The best compliment I think I can pay it is that it reminded me of an early John Carpenter movie.

Of course at the other end of the dial, Sucker Punch doesn't work on several thousand different levels. There are giant plot holes, really corny stilted dialogue, and several really bad performances. The action sequences are still really cool but every minute of movie surrounding those sequences actually makes you dumber. All Zack Snyder proved with Sucker Punch is that his inner 12 year old in still running the show, and not in a cool Edgar Wright kinda way. Which was too bad because between Red State and Sucker Punch only one of them had a schoolgirl fighting a robot samurai and it turns on that was the awful movie.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sam Rockwell: Dancing Machine

I know this is a couple months old, but who cares? Sam Rockwell dancing is a beautiful thing. As one Internet commenter put it "I once cried because I had no shoes. Then I saw Sam Rockwell dance and realized I don't even deserve legs"

American Gods on HBO.. probably

Word on the internets this afternoon is that Neil Gaiman's American Gods is being pitched to HBO as a miniseries. I guess this is pretty cool news. I really liked American Gods even though I'm kinda inclined to not like Neil Gaiman. His good name has been ruined for me by emos and goths constantly touting his work like he's some sort of curly haired messiah. It's very similar to my irrational hate for Kurt Cobain but with less flannel and shotguns.

Anyhoo, this seems kinda like a slam dunk to me. The book has a good mix of mystery, action and suspense with just a right ammount of the supernatural thrown in (oh god, it sounds like twilight). In fact I'm shocked no one has tried to take this bood to the big screen yet. It's probably because M Night Shammlylammy has ruined America's appetite for old fashioned cinematic fables.

img by zelu via diviantart

Pin-Up these Links

The Lost Roles of Seinfeld. I can't believe we were close to getting a Jackie Chiles spin off. At least we escaped the horror of Rosie O'Donnell as Elaine.

Classic Pin Up Girls before and after. I really enjoy seeing the difference between the reference and the finished product here. Who knew so many of these pin-up models were kinda ugly.. oh you did? Well la di da Mr. smarty pants.

Comic Scans. An awesome tumbler highlighting some rad comic book advertising from the 80s and 90s. Sadly enough I remember every one of these.

Classic Spider-Man. Classic Spider-Man is kind of a dick, but in a cool way not in a emo Tobey Maguire sort of way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinosaur is pants poopingly realistic

Here's some science guy scaring the crap out of a bunch of elementary school kids with what looks like the most realistic dinosaur costume ever. If you couldn't see the guy's acid wash jeans I'd swear this was a real dinosaur.

How come we never got cool Dinosaur guy at school when I was a kid? He would have been a thousand times better than the Christian rap group we had that one time. Oh 3NP, where are you now?

Another Planet of the Apes movie?

Here's the trailer to Rise of The Plane of The Apes. I heard they were making this about a year ago but I never really thought it would get made. After the Tim Burton stinker I just figured no one in Hollywood would want to touch the franchise.

I've got to admit the trailer looks pretty cool, even if the movie had no connection to Planet of the Apes (which since it's rewriting the history of the apes as seen in Battle for Planet of the Apes you could argue it doesn't), I think I'd want to see it. There's something about animals turning on humans that I find terrifying and fascinating. It's why I'll never own a dog I couldn't take in a fight.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm withTeam Ghost Riders

I've been on vacation most of this week, sorry for the lack of posts. As an apology here's 10 minutes of monkeys riding dogs.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wolverine might not suck. really.

So this morning people on the internet are reporting that Fox is looking at Duncan Jones to direct the new Wolverine movie. This is great news. If you haven't been following this story Darren Aronofsky was originally attached to the project but backed out after he realized he's a real director and we're talking about a Wolverine sequel.

Once Aronofsky left I didn't think this movie had a snowball's chance in hell of being any good, but if they really are looking at Duncan Jones I'm drinking the cool aid. Jones directed what's probably my second favorite Sci-Fi movie of the last 10 years, Moon (Primer being my favorite). If The Wolverine is going to break the odds and actually be any good, hiring Jones is a nice place to start. Having him bring Sam Rockwell along would be even better.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Death Star was my Idea

I like these Star Wars Windows 7 parodies because in a weird way they completely dismiss Episodes 1-3. I mean The Death Star was already being built at the end of Revenge of the Sith, how could a Storm Trooper have had the idea first? Only in an awesome alternate reality where George Lucas died in the 90s.

The Nintendo 3DS Safety Manual

This was funny and I've got nothing else to blog about today.

I like the new Beastie Boys

This is the trailer for the new Beastie Boys album. Did you know they make trailers for albums now? Also did you know the Beastie Boys were still alive? Honestly I thought they died in a plane crash with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Does this mean I poured out that 40 for nothing?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ABC is full of hypocrites

Today Hugh Hefner announced via twitter (really?) that Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff is going to be on the cover of Playboy in May (and presumably nude inside). This of course is creating a HUGE controversy cause nudity is scary and DWTS is like the number one TV show on TV (that isn't hosted by Ryan Seacrest).

"If Karina posed naked, she can kiss her dancing days goodbye,” a ‘DWTS’ insider told me immediately after hearing of Hef’s announcement on Twitter. “I hope for Karina’s sake that this isn’t true.”

The immediate response of ABC, I’m told, is that having one of their dancers pose naked during an ongoing season could “soil” the wholesome show’s image.

~PopEater‘s Rob Shuter

Wholesome image! You have got to be shitting me. Currently one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars is Kendra Wilkinson. She's ONLY famous for sleeping with Hugh Hefner and two other blond chicks. Oh yeah and she has a sex tape she released herself. In fact she's the 3rd contestant they've had with a sex tape. The very first winner of DWTS Kelly Monaco was Miss April 1997 for pete's sake. Just off the top of my head I can name 6 contestants that have been in Playboy and that includes the co-host Brooke Burke, which means either I know way too much about Dancing with the Stars or I know way too much about Playboy.

And lets not forget about the fellas. ABC has also had a guy on the show that was caught sleeping with underage prostitutes (Lawrence Taylor), a convicted money launderer (Tom Delay) and a guy that reportedly stabbed someone in the neck with a pair of scissors (Michael Irving).

It would take some serious balls for ABC to fire Karina when every season they're cashing in on the playboy gravy train. If they were going to fire her they should have done it after she slept with Mario Lopez... yech.

Tansformers + Thriller = !

Honestly, I might stop blogging after this. It all downhill from here, right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'd say this is priceless

My car didn't start this morning so I'm probably not going to be bloggin much today. Here's something from my tumblr, which you should really be checking out more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sidewalk Snorting Links

Periodic Table of Artist. I love this chart but I'd have moved Roy Lichtenstein from Gimicky to Hacks. Most Gimicky artists can still draw something without tracing.

Charlie Sheen Tour Bombs in Detroit. This is a good breakdown on just how awful the opening show was. Personally I don't know what people were expecting? You know he's not a real warlock, right?

Lindsay Lohan might be in Superman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Free books on the Kindle. Something called the Magic Catalog provides some 30,000 public domain books available for free on the Kindle and to iBooks. It's cool and all, but how am I supposed to display all those books in my iDen?

ThunderCats Ho! The Governator No!

Lets start the day with a little good idea/bad idea. Above is the trailer for the new ThunderCats cartoon. It looks pretty sweet. I like the whole LOTR fantasy vibe it has going on, I just wish there was more Panthro in it. All in all I'm looking forward to DVRing this.

On the other side of the coin we have the trailer for the Stan Lee/Arnold Schwarzenegger hack fest, the Governator. I watched half the trailer and that was more than enough for me. Seriously, who other than Lee and Schwarzenegger thought this was a good idea? Donald Trump? Michael Bay? Hitler? My guess is it was probably Trump.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Green Lantern footage apologizes for the Green Lanter Trailer

So here's the big geek news from WonderCon this weekend, The Green Lantern Tailer that ran during the super bowl sucked. The producers knew it sucked so to apologize they've released 4 minutes of new footage that blows away the previous trailer.

Now I'll freely admit, my expectations for this movie were really really low, like House Party 3 low. But after watching this new footage my expectations have been officially upgraded to House Party 2.

Game of Thrones is killing me with awesomeness

There's a strong possibility that back in the day I might have downloaded an album or two without paying for it. For legal reasons It's hard for me to keep track of those kinds of small transactions. However I can say without a doubt that I have never illegally downloaded a movie or TV show. It's not like I haven't had the chance (remember the Wolverine bootleg?) but for whatever reason I've always drawn the line at cds. Maybe it's just a size thing, like if it's under 100 mbs it's free game. Or maybe I just thought the record companies owe me big time for years of overcharging. I mean say what you will about movie studios, but at least when I blow 10 bucks on something stupid like Avatar I still feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Anyway, with all that being said, I have no problem admitting that I am going to torrent the crap out of Game of Thrones. My cable/Internet bill is already $150 a month, there's no chance in hell I'm spending another 20 a month for HBO. At this point the only way I can see avoiding the torrents is if HBO decides to do the classy thing and post the entire show on Youtube. Your move HBO.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I'm not sure how I missed this way back at last E3 but here's some cinematic footage from Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's pretty sweet looking. Of course it was way more awesome when I thought that the sith dude with the scars was supposed to be Darth Vader. I mean would it kill Lucas to let us have a video game that spans the time between Episode 3 and 4? If my memory works I think the old PC Game Tie Fighter was set during that time frame, but it's not like that game was big on story.

Anyway, back to The Old Republic. This is a MMORPG by Bioware (the creators of Knights of the Old Republic) which sounds cool. Of course this game has supposedly showed twice at E3 and still doesn't have a release date. But if you want you can already join a guild on their website! Nothing cooler than joining a guild for a game that's yet to ship.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Evolution of Ideas

Links for Friday, Friday Great news, there are 6 breweries within 5 miles of my work. Bad news, I still use Internet Explorer at work.

The 10 most promising TV Pilots for Fall. I don't think this screencap is from one of the actual shows, which is too bad. I'd totally watch a show about ladies flag football.

How to steal like an artist. Step one, never repay your student loans. Bazinga!

45 Impressive PC Case mods. Since I first heard about Diablo 3 I've been trolling the net looking at parts to put together a new gaming rig. According to this list I should be looking more in my garage than on newegg.


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