Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012, the mediocrity is strong with this blog

It's almost January 1st and that means year end recap time. I feel like 2012 was the year I hit my blogging stride. Page views per day are up from under 100 to over 500 and I've getting way more spam bots posting comments so I must be doing something right.

Without further ado here are the 10 most popular posts of the year (which in the end is completely meaningless given that the front page is still the single most popular destination and I almost never use click-throughs).

For whatever reason (cough Diora Baird picture cough) the recap of 2011 was the most popular post of 2012. That's why I wanted to get this years recap out of the way before we rolled into January.

Speculation on the next generation of video game consoles was big this year. Two posts about the Xbox 361 and Playstation 3.2 were in my top ten. Next year I predict made up news about the Dreamcast 2 will dominate the top ten.

.. The Blurst of Times: The Choice. If you haven't got it yet, The Blurst of Times is a reference to a Simpsons episode where Mr Burns hires a thousand monkeys on a thousand type writers to write the greatest novel ever written. I know, a blogger who uses random Simpsons quotes, I'm clearly one in a million.

Summer Glau and hover hands at comic-con. If there was ever one image that sums up the entirety of my 4 years of blogging I think it might be this one.

NFL replacement refs are not good enough for the LFL. I'm pretty sure is the premier place for hard hitting Crotch Gout and Lingerie Football news. If it isn't, well there's always next year.

The oral history of Baywatch. If you missed it the first time you have to check it out the second time. Also this is a good time to reflect on that week that Donna D'Errico hosted Talk Soup. That was a pretty good week.

Harley Quinn's butt. Arkham City was easily the best game I played in 2012 so even though the Harley Quinn DLC was pretty poor, I'm glad something related to the game made it into the top 10.

Say goodbye to Power Girls boob window. This year was a weird year in comic book fandom. You saw a real explosion of attractive women embracing their inner geek with sexy cosplay juxtaposed with a movement to clean up what's seen as pervy art in comics. Personally I feel like if you're not cosplaying or drawing comics you should just shut your trap and let the artistically inclined have their fun.

Comic-Con cosplay. Speak of the devil, Cosplay posts are still pretty popular here. This year I was contacted by a couple of cosplayers who I had made fun of on the blog a couple years ago. I felt terrible. From now on I'm only focusing on the positive.

oh hi catwoman's butt. Speaking of the positive....

In addition to the top 10 posts of the year I also like to highlight the top ten search words or phrases that have brought new viewers to the blog. This year is pretty similar to last year. joseph gordon-levitt (1,794), not provided (1,493), scarlett johansson avengers (868), deadpool cosplay (474) nicole scherzinger boobs (474), scarlett johansson the avengers (387), joseph gordon levitt (364), kate upton boobs (296), peter crouch meme (249), nicole scherzinger tits (241),

Also this year I would like to send a special shout out to Bing. The search engine that brings in 1.2 percent of all visits. Good work Microsoft. Next year with your help, we'll get that chicken.


B said...

I think I'm the number one commenter with like 41 comments. Second place is a distant 10.



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