Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Garbage Bags Full of Links

The Best And Worst X-Men Video Games of All Time. This isn't a bad list, there are a couple games I'd place a little higher and I think it's cheating picking Marvel v Capcom 2, but overall not bad. It really makes me want to go back and play X-Men Legends. As long as I'm firing up the N64 for some WCW/NWO Revenge maybe I should plug in my PS2 while I'm at it.

On a slightly related note, I'm worried my PS2 won't stand the test of time. I remember right before I got a 360 it wasn't playing a lot of DVDs and games took an unusually long time to load. I can't imagine it's gotten any better sitting in a box in my garage for the last 10 years. That would be a shame, there were some really great games on that thing. Frankly I'm interested in how all my old machines are going to stand the test of time. I feel pretty confident that my SNES and N64 are made of adamantium but I fear for anything disc based. I might have to have a real funeral if my Dreamcast ever dies.

The Diamond Rio PMP300: Can this classic 18-year-old MP3 player still cut it? Speaking of old technology, the guys at ARS take a look at a nearly 20 year old MP3 player. I'm one of like 10 people that still uses a stand along mp3 player. I like taking it to work and listening to it through a small stereo I have in my office. I also like having it when I'm drawing. Using my phone as an MP3 player is annoying, you have to hit a side button to wake the phone THEN tap something on the screen to skip a song. With the ultra cheap mp3 player I bought on Amazon I just have to hit the forward button and boom I'm on to the next song, I don't even have to look at the thing.

The only thing I don't like about my china direct mp3 player is that it's so incredibly small and light. Like it ways a half an ounce. I'm always misplacing it and because it feels so light I'm always afraid I'm going to crush it in my hands accidentally.

AFFLECK'S BATMAN Solo Movie Title Confirmed. It's THE BATMAN. Now you know.

Stars Getting Rich Off Fan Conventions: How to Take Home "Garbage Bags Full of $20s". Have I talked to you about Comic Book conventions lately? It's interesting I'm part of two convention groups on Facebook, one for Emerald City Comicon and one for Rose City Comic Con. The ECCC one is full of people that are absolutely SALTY over the lack of "quality" stars and last years convention. They want the entire cast of Star Trek, Doctor Who and The Hunger Games there signing autographs and taking pictures. They absolutely can not wait to spend $100 for a picture with Worf and Riker.

But there's a small group of people just under the surface grumbling about how the stars are greedy. $100 for a picture is too much, the convention costs too much because of all of the guest. Then there's vendors at the conventions that are afraid with all the money going to celebs there's not enough going to their tables. The grumbling isn't always loud but it's there.

At a certain point the bubble is going to burst. Soon enough a one day ticket to ECCC is going to cost $100 and people are going to get priced out. Vendors aren't able to get back the cost of their tables the vendors are going to stop paying for those tables. Your large comic book convention is built on a rather unsteady foundation and it wouldn't take much to topple it. Right now the convention scene is still on the grow, but at a certain point just like everything else we're going to see some contraction. It'll be very interesting when that finally happens.




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