Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I voted for Kodos

Well that certainly was something last night, wasn't it? I guess I should consider myself blessed to have lived through 2 historical elections. The election of the first ever black president and the first ever umpa lumpa president. Just kidding, it's the first time we've ever elected a president that's never served in the military or public office. I have a couple random thoughts on the whole thing so I thought I'd just let them fly.

I don't believe everyone that voted for Trump is a racist or a sexist or a bigot or even an idiot. I think a large portion of middle america decided that their opposition to the status quo trumped their opposition to racist and sexist behavior. Essentially they're so desperate for an agent of political change they were willing to overlook Trump's many flaws. If you're straight and you're white it's not like Trump is targeting you, right? I don't think that makes those people "bad" people, I just think they've made a mistake based off their privilege.

WOW did the Democratic party blow this. They spent 4 years clearing the path for Hillary a candidate they knew was unlikable and flawed but they did it and they did it eagerly because that's just how politics work. Hillary had amassed so much power within the DNC that there was no real choice (as wikileaks pointed out so clearly). Just a couple weeks ago everyone was predicting this was the death knell of the Republican party and what we really saw was the implosion of the Democratic establishment. Everyone connected to Hillary is going to have a huge stink of failure attached to them, it's going to be 100% turnover.

Trump has surrounded himself with some wildly incompetent boobs like Giuliani and Chris Christie. Wonder how many of them will be rewarded for their good service with cabinet positions? One of the worst things Bush Jr did after becoming president was fill important positions with people that helped get him there as opposed to actual qualified individuals. Since almost the entire Republican party abandoned Trump who is he going to appoint? Chachie?

I've always felt like the President didn't have as much control over policy and the economy as people gave him credit for. I guess we're really going to see that theory put to the test over the next 4 years.

I've never lived through an impeachment (I mean technically did with Clinton but I was too young to really pay attention or remember anything about it). That should be exciting!


B said...

Speaking of the Simpsons, they predicted Trump as president. Bart To The Future, season 11. Lisa is president in the future but her predecessor was Trump, apparently he bankrupted the country and left a mess for her.

When I watched the clip again I remembered it, I couldn't recall it straight from memory though, I think my total recall works to about season 9.

B said...

And I agree. I've been saying for months that I kinda wanted to see Trump win as an experiment as to the influence/reach of the office.

What we witnessed was a master class in sales. Not unlike junior high elections, he made the biggest promises, now we'll see if he can actually get a longer lunch period.



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