Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ruin The Links

Did Millennials Ruin the Olympics? I know it's hard for older people (like the kind of people that run TV networks) to wrap their mind grapes around this but younger people just don't sit down in front of the TV as much as previous generations did. It's not a matter of getting them to tune in, it's a matter of taking the content to where they are. I mean, I'm too old to know where they are but I know they're out there. Snapchat maybe?

Former NBC Analyst Dwight Stone Calls It's Track & Field Coverage a Disgrace. Former employee calls out old boss is hardly a surprise, but I love that Pole Vault seems to be right at the forefront of the track and field discussion. Pole Vault hasn't been this relevant since Sergei Bubka was breaking the world record every 2 weeks.

The Four Women Saving Wrestling. First off, that's a fantastic illustration, top notch work by GQ. Secondly, this is a great article about the current state of women's wrestling in WWE. It sucks that it's taken so long but we're finally at the fireworks factory. Bayley's debut to the main roster on RAW last night was probably the highlight of the show and definitely got the biggest reaction from the crowd. I know this might sound crazy but when you give the audience a reason to care about something, as opposed to relegating it to pee breaks between the "important matches" people will actually care about it. Crazy huh?

13 New Marvel Cosplay Variants. In theory I really like these Variant covers, but in execution many of them don't have very interesting backgrounds or dynamic poses. The photos and costumes look a little amateurish. Maybe it's the trade dress? I don't know what it is exactly, I just know that as much as I like cosplay I'm not shelling out 9.99 for any of these.

Monday, August 22, 2016

I Watched a Professional Video Game Tournament

Sunday morning I woke up at about 6am to drive over to a friends house to watch the finals of the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown. In case you didn't hear... after losing to them in an earlier round Rogue beat Reunited in the finals. Just look at how happy they are. They get some money and a shot at a bigger tournament in Germany later in the year.

I was confused during most of it. It didn't help that I was watching it with friends so we were talking over a lot of the commentating. Also most of the commentating was terrible.

I've seen professional gaming on TV before but I've never actually sat down and watched it. It was interesting. Being a team based FPS I can't imagine Overwatch is the easiest game to broadcast. It certainly isn't the easiest game to watch. The feed switched players quite often so just when you thought you were starting to understand what was happening on screen it would change. I guess that's good practice for playing Overwatch itself. Every once in a while there was a static camera that overlooked certain strategic points, I probably would have liked to have seen more of that camera. Still, it was interesting stuff.

My main reason for watching (other than an excuse to see my friends) was to try and pick up some tips or tricks to improve my game. The teams playing however were so out of my league I don't think I really learned anything. I took away a bit of info about the maps and the best spots to try and hold high or low ground but that's about it. It's funny, watching someone pull off a series of headshots doesn't actually help you aim any better. It's almost like I've been lied to by every Hollywood montage ever.

I'll probably check out another tournament if I get a chance to. I doubt I'll be replacing any of my other hobbies with electronic sports but maybe I'll free up a half hour every now and then. Maybe I'll stop watching Little People Big World or something. Ever since the Roloffs got a divorce that show has just been depressing.

Friday, August 19, 2016

WWE 2K17??????????????

First off, as much as I would like to buy the NXT special edition of WWE 2K17, I'm prety sure it's going to cost like $400 and you'll need a wheelbarrow to carry everything it comes with, so that's off the table completely. The question is whether or not I'm interested in picking up the game at all. I mean of course I'm interested, but am I interested enough...

My wife bought me WWE 2K15 a couple Christmases ago and it's a nice little game. Nothing really special to write home about, like any wrestling game that isn't on the N64 the controls are a bit clunky and the "story" mode isn't very good. Still, its fun to pop it in every now and then, beat up my son for a couple minutes (his favorite is Kane).

From most of the accounts I've read on twitter 2K16 wasn't very good, especially not on PC. Maybe this year it will be better, long time WWE video game publisher THQ went bankrupt last year and 2K Games took the titel over. I don't know if that means anything, maybe some fresh eyes will make for a better game? I don't know, it's Friday and I don't have much anything else to post.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


What the hell is wrong with some people? I mean right now, right this very instant... there are people out there that own dogs, that aren't using them to play a life sized version of Pac-Man. Some People.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Closer Links

No Man's Sky: The Kotaku Review. It's really hard to find a review for No Man's Sky that is able to separate the crashing of the hype train from the actual experience of the game. This Kotaku one does a pretty good job. Some might argue the review is a bit to generous. You could probably claim they're in the pocket of BIG VIDEO GAME but they're owned by Gawker so I'm pretty sure Hulk Hogan runs everything now.

A Closer Look At The Overwhelmingly Sexist Coverage Of Female Olympians. NBC's coverage in particular has been garbage. Yes, most of the sexist stuff has come from print and digital media but just the overall experience of watching the Olympics has been super sub par. Just a couple days ago there was one of the best Pole Vault duels in Olympic history, it ended with the hometown kid setting an Olympic record and the crowd booing the snot out of the French champion until he broke down and cried. NBC spent all of 3 minutes on it. Worse those 3 minutes were spaced throughout 4 hours of coverage. They didn't need to dedicate hours to it but 10 or 15 minutes dedicated to just that event would have done wonders. Of course the final was between a Brazilian and a Frenchman so I guess I can see why NBC wasn't interested.

One day NBC will learn that people from other countries can have interesting stories. In an international competition it's not a bad idea to actually address the rest of the world. If for no other reason than to put a face on the opposition. They're so focused on telling a "good story" they forget most stories have a good protagonist and antagonist.

I know the fact that they tape delay everything is a big hot topic but I don't care about that. I'd rather they show everything in primetime. If you want to watch events live you can find them on the internet or one of the other dozen channels they have. For me it's the almost zero effort, paint by numbers approach they've taken to the games. They could have just replayed their coverage from 2012 and I'll be no one would have noticed.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan. Cool little imgur gallery to someone's trip to the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. If you've never seen or heard of this it's basically a mining accident turned eternal fire pit. It's pretty cool.

Comics Creators of 1995 Predict the Future! Wow, don't ever say that creative types aren't smart. A couple of these answers on what comic books will look like in 20 years are shockingly accurate. Doug Moench in particular with his prediction of an digital distribution model is eerily accurate.

Today's Consoles are an Amazing Value

I ran across this infographic of the original price and the adjust for inflation price of a few notable video game consoles. I have no idea if these are correct, but it was on the internet. I can't imagine anyone would like on the internet.

The first thing that jumps out at me is how ridiculous expensive the Atari 2600 was, $200 in 1977 was no small amount. I think your best values on here are the Dreamcast (natch), Xbox 360 and the Wii. The 360 had a ridiculously long life span (assuming you never got the RROD) and revolutionized the way you play consoles on-line. The Wii and DC fizzled out relatively quickly but considering how revolutionary both were AND how relatively cheap they were I can't not consider them great values. You can take your pick between the 3DO and the Neo-Geo as to which is the worst value. Both consoles were ridiculously expensive and never had a great games library. For the cost of a single Neo-Geo you could buy a SNES and Genesis and a TurboGrafx 16. Being able to swap memory cards with arcade games isn't worth that kind of money.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Smell Ya Later No Man's Sky

I'm sad to say that reviews for No Man's Sky on the PS4 are mixed at best. I'm even sadder to say that reviews for it on the PC are downright bad. There are reports of crashes, significant drops in frame rates, video card compatibility issues, stuff you generally associate with a half-assed PC Port. The game itself sounds alright, it's not like its getting raked over the coals or anything but most of the complaints I've seen is that it gets pretty repetitive, there's very little plot and the random world generator doesn't provide you with as interesting as a gameplay experience as hand crafted worlds do. I've seen a lot of gamers complain that this would be a great $19.99 indy title but it's nowhere near worth $59.99.

Sounds like the hype train has officially left the station, or did it arrive at the station? I'm not sure how that metaphor works. Either way it was fun while it lasted. I guess I'll just have to look forward to Overwatch Season 2. Maybe... and this is a big maybe, I'll pick up No Man's Sky on a steam sale after they work out all the bugs. Of course I still have Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite and The Witcher 1-3 sitting in my library unplayed. Maybe I'll just wait for No Man's Sky 2.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Then and Now



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