Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Launch Trailer

Look at that, they finally got around to making another Mirror's Edge game... I'm sure this has been around for quite some time given that it's available in stores in June but I'm old and busy with stuff. I'm probably going to be way too busy playing Overwatch to check this out anytime soon but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate how good this trailer looks. Seriously, those graphics look tight. This might be a 2017 Steam Summer Sale purchase.

I bought Overwatch

Last night I put my foot down and politely asked my wife if I could buy Overwatch. It was kind of funny. She first asked me how much it costs, then before I could answer she said that she couldn't say no considering she just got back from a week in the Philippines. Oh yeah, last week my wife was in the Philippines for work so I was home alone with the kiddos all week. It was fun. I took the week off so while they were at school or daycare I was able to do the mundane things like grocery shopping and laundry plus work on some projects around the home I've been meaning to get to. I thought it was going to be tougher than it was. I mean it wasn't easy or anything but it was still kinda fun. I felt like I was more engaged with the kids than I usually am and I'm hoping I've started to develop some good habits for keeping the house clean and organized. Anyway, not the point.

Turns out I haven't bought a video game for myself since the last Steam Summer sale and I haven't bought a new FPS since Battlefield 3. I can't even remember the last FPS I bought for the PC. Half Life 2 maybe? I've played some Fallout 3 but that hardly counts, plus when I played that I didn't use the mouse keyboard, I used my Xbox controller. I am sooo rusty.

I started playing the Overwatch tutorial with the Xbox controller and without some sort of aim-assist I couldn't hit anything. I never actually made it out of the tutorial last night, by the time I had downloaded the game it was already sort of late. I dinked around for about 20 minutes and called it a night. I figured it was probably my last good nights sleep for the next month or two.

The game looks great and plays really smooth. I was getting about 60fps on high graphics settings with my new gaming rig. I like all the character designs and the controls seem easy enough, nothing to complicated to have to try and remember on the fly. I get the feeling just from the tutorials that this is one of those games that's easy to learn but is going to be tough to master. It looks like memorizing and figuring out the best tactics on each level is probably going to be the key. There's like 20 or so characters you can choose from each with a special ability, but after sampling a few of them I'm not 100% sure that who you play is going to be more important than how you play.

I'll try and keep everyone updated on how the game goes. Maybe do a proper review at the end of the week. If you want to hit me up on Battle.net my username is Newbachu.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kevin's Ideas

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Star Trek: Beyond

Well this new trailer for Star Trek: Beyond has less dirtbikes and Beastie Boys' songs. I guess that's progress. Considering this is directed by Justin Lin I guess we should just be glad the Enterprise doesn't run on NOS and a turbo charged Nissan 4 liter.

Now that we have good Star Wars movies can we go back to get a couple good Star Trek movies? I understand that you can't have two hours of neutral zone treaty negotiations or holodeck accidents in a big Hollywood blockbuster. Still, there are plenty of great Star Trek movies that straddle the line of old school sci-fi futurism and big old blow em up action.

Also if we could stop blowing up the Enterprise that would be great. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Batman: Return to Arkham Trailer

Talk about cash grab. WB Games and Rocksteady are re-releasing Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City on the PS4 and Xbone. Now don't get me wrong, I totes understand taking an old game and upgrading it with better graphics. Over the last 20 years I think I've bought 3 different versions of Syd Mier's Pirates, every one of them plays exactly the same, the only difference is the graphics. But these two Batman games came out like 5 and 6 years ago. Instead of Return to Arkham they should have just called it Batman: Arkham 2 The Search for More Money.

Friday, May 13, 2016

King of the Hill meets Silver Surfer

Hey kids, remember when Silver Surfer met Hank Hill? No? Well the late 90s were a pretty weird time.

Get this, King of the Hill debuted in 1997. That's almost 20 years ago. What the hell time? Can you ease off the throttle just a bit? I have kids here I'm trying to create special memories with. Speaking of kids, this weekend my wife is going out of town for work leaving me to play Mr Mom for a full week. So if the dank posts dry up you'll know it's because my children have killed me and are living off my corpse. Just like Lord of the Flies!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Voltron: Legendary Defender

I don't know if I've written about it here or not but Netflix is doing a reboot of Voltron. I guess that's cool. I remember watching Voltron when I was a kit but I couldn't tell you anything about it other than there was Robot Voltron and Lion Voltron and you weren't allowed to like them both.

The trailer looks good enough. Kind of a modern update of traditional late 80s, early 90s anime. I'll give it a try with the kiddos. So far we haven't really had any luck with modern remakes of old cartoons. Thundercats, Transformers and GI Joe have all flopped at our house. Plus when you already have awesome shows like We Bare Bears and Be Cool Scooby Doo (wait, there's a remake!) it's hard to fit something new in the rotation.

Gallon of Links

I Drank A Gallon Of Water A Day For 30 Days. I really need to do this. I know I suffer from dehydration pretty much constantly. The only days I don't are days I play soccer when I'm consciously drinking extra water. I get migraines way too often and I'm always tired. I'm not sure about the carrying around a gallon jug with me all day but I'm sure there's someway I can make it work. I have next week off, maybe I'll start then.

Wolverine 3 Will be R-Rated, and Star a 'Bold, Different' Wolverine. It sure sounds like Wolverine 3 will be as close to an adaption of Old Man Logan Fox can do. I say close because the two major bad guys in OML are a family of Hulks and a Spider-Man villain. I'm 99.9% sure they're going to have to rework that.

Old Man Logan is one of those stories that's good but not really great. It's essentially Unforgiven but with Wolverine, which really is a can't miss idea. If they get even a half way competent writer and director on the project this is going to make a billion dollars.

Mario makes leap to Minecraft. I know the new Nintendo is rumored to be less than a year away but man I still really want a WiiU. There's just so many cool games on it. Maybe the price will drop this Christmas. I have zero problem playing old games on it, probably the only game that would be horribly outdated would be Splatoon, because I'm guessing there's not a lot of people on-line playing it anymore. Everything else like Mario Maker, and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker would still be cool as hell.

The new Pirates of the Caribbean at Shanghai Disneyland is amazing. I am ready to go to Disneyland. Unfortunately my daughter isn't quite ready yet. Maybe in 2 or 3 more years we'll make a big trip of it. I want to do the full meal deal where we stay at one of the Disney hotels but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a second and third mortgage on the house. The smart thing to do would be to start saving money now, but I'll probably just buy a bunch of scratch tickets. Someone's got to win, right?


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