Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Attack on Titan Trailer

The very successful Anime & Manga, Attack on Titan, has a really cool looking live action movie coming out soon. It's Japanese, not a Hollywood remake so it has a chance of actually being pretty cool. If you can handle subtitles that is. And find a theater in the states playing it. Or I don't know.. wait until it comes to Netflix in 3 years.

Reading Links

‘Reading Rainbow’ Is Officially Headed For Netflix. Hey Reading Rainbow is coming to netflix! I have no idea if this is the new kickstarter backed Reading Rainbow or if it's the original show from PBS. Either way it's cool to see it on netflix.

Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet. This is a super old blog post but it's only recently been brought to my attention and it's cool as hell. A couple crazy kids broke into one of the Mothball Fleets where the military stores their decommissioned ships. The pictures they got are really amazing. Stealth Boat for the Win.

Adam Sandler Has Never Ruined A Movie As Much As He Ruins Pixels. Man alive I dodged a bullet here. My son has been ALL OVER Pixels. When is Pixels coming out? When can we see Pixels? What's up with Pixels? It's been nonstop for like 3 weeks. Thank goodness it tanked this weekend and all the ads for it have simply vanished. Hopefully out of sight = out of mind.

The official/unofficial Hulk Hogan racist timeline. Just in case you've heard about the Hulk Hogan thing but you still don't know what actually happened and why, this reddit post has a pretty good breakdown on what happened and when. The phrase "Never meet your heroes" seems like it was made for Hulk Hogan. "Eat your vitamins and say your prayers kids and one day you can convince your friends to let you bang their wife while they film it!"

Monday, July 27, 2015

That's Where They Get You

The Worlds Longest Water Slide is BORING

Our good friends at Action Park have put together the "worlds longest water slide". It also kind of looks like the dirtiest. What is that irrigation water they're using? Why is it rust colored. Did someone poop on the slide? Anyway, it's about half a mile long and honestly it looks kind of boring. You're like WOOOOOO for the first 20 seconds then WOOoooo for the next 30, then woooo for the final 30. They should have included some wipeout style events during the slide. Like halfway through you just get pounded by some big balls.

nope, not changing that phrasing...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Trailer

Hey old kids, remember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? Well they're back, this time in web series form. It looks like it might be kinda cool. I mean I like Grace Helbig and all so I'll check it out. I'm a bit disappointed that there's going to be a bunch of swears in it. I thought this would be a fun show to watch with the kiddos. Oh well.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Inside the Black Box 5: Nintendo Zapper

Have you ever wondered "Why does my Nintendo Zapper gun not work on my fancy new plasma TV!"? Do you have almost a half hour to kill watching someone dismantle a Nintendo Zapper gun? Well then my friend are you in luck.

I know this video is hella long but I thought it was really interesting. Do what I did put it on while you eat your cereal and check your quotes in the morning. Gotta get the quotes, love a good quote.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's Always Links

It’s Always Sunny In Minelandia: Movie Director Announced. This one really came out of left field. I understand that Rob McElhenny has been doing a great job directing episodes of It's Always Sunny but to go from that to what I assume will be a pretty big tentpole film is a pretty big leap. Here's hoping they sneak a rum ham in there somewhere.

Hot Toys Is Making a Sixth-Scale Millennium Falcon That's 18-Feet Long. I'm sure this will never be for sale but I don't care I want it. Hot Toys already makes remarkably accurate figurines imagine what they can do on this large of a scale? I wouldn't be surprised if it has functioning blasters and a holographic chess game.

There Was Nothing in the World Like Action Park. I LOVE stories about Action Park and this is probably as comprehensive of a run down on old "Traction Park" as you're going to get. Man I really wish I could have ridden that looping water slide, just look at that thing. It's as beautiful as it is terrifying.

What 10 Hours Of Walking At Comic-Con As A Female Cosplayer Looks Like. Welp, this is pretty depressing. Go ahead and watch the video or read the article, maybe do both. I don't know how much free time you have.

First off, Yes. If you are going to go dressed up to a Con dressed in a provocative manner you're going to get attention. That's man or woman. Boobs or Butt cheeks. Abs or Flabs. 36 Double D's or a 36 foot long foam sword. But attention shouldn't equal harassment.

Believe it or not you can ask to have your picture taken with someone in a sexy outfit without acting like a complete sleeze-douche.

The Force is Strong With These Squirrels

Here's some squirrels playing with lightsabers. Someone told me the lightsabers were all added by computers but I'm not sure about that. Squirrels are crazy clever. If they can get into those squirrel proof bird feeders how hard is it to put together a light saber? Luke was able to do it and he grew up on a dirt farm....

Also these are chipmunks... This isn't really my best work, that whole clever squirrel thing was a reach, and the payoff is a joke about Luke on a dirt farm? It was a moisture farm, that's like the exact opposite of a dirt farm. Whatever, they all can't be winners.


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