Friday, September 19, 2014

Punk Rock Links

Supergirl TV show to CBS? Good news, I guess. In theory I'm a big fan of Supergirl but when I think about it I may have maybe 10 Supergirl comics. Another half dozen Young Justice books that she may or may not have appeared in? Supergirl is like the original Buffy right? I have to like it.

The real interesting part of this is that CBS bought the show. America's most watched network. Home to NCIS, NCIS: LA and I'm sure some other NCIS show I can't name off the top of my head. ABC is owned by Disney so they have to care about Marvel and Agents of SHIELD (similar to DC and the CW) but CBS doesn't owe DC comics diddly. They want this show so bad they bought it without a pilot. I crack on CBS a lot due to their reputation for bland procedurals but honestly a comic book TV show that's on par quality wise with Person of Interest or Thew Good Wife would be amazing! I genuinely hope it works out for them.

U2 Thinks Putting Its Album on Your iPhone Is "Really Punk Rock". This is rich... U2 (or more specifically Bono) believes that being paid 100 million dollars by the one of the largest tech companies in the world to put their newest album on iTunes users devices whether they want it or not is "really punk rock". Other things Bono thinks are really Punk Rock include: Hot Topic, Beats by Dre, Dave Mathews Band, those guitars that are also double guitars...

Lara Croft Contest Date from 1999 Inspires Hilarious Fan Fiction. This is a pretty long read but man is it hilarious. I've always wondered how one of these "win a date with.." kind of contests go. I can't imagine they're anything but hella awkward.

Do You Ever Wonder If Lily From The AT&T Commercials Hates Her Job? I laugh every time Lily tells Gordon Ramsey that his typical behavior is terrifying. There's something about her slight deadpan delivery. Like she's completely had it dealing with idiots all day but she's resigned to the fact that she has student loans to pay off so she needs the paycheck.

12 surprising foods with more sugar that a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I wasn't that surprised. Anytime you see Fat Free on a food's packaging that just means it's got hella sugar dumped in it. I'm trying to feed my kids slightly better than the garbage that I eat and I notice this all the time. Yogurt is the worst, especially the stuff marketed to kids. If you don't watch what you buy you could easily end up with something that has just as much sugar as a can of coke.

I do declare 2014 the year of the giant ass

Hey kids, remember Jennifer Lopez? Here's her new video Booty ft Iggy Azelea. More specifically Iggy Azelea's giant fake ass and by featuring I mean rubbing up and down on J-Lo's big ol booty. This right here is what you would call capturing the Zeitgeist. Traditional pop music is barren of ideas and the big labels are so desperate that you pay attention to them that they're reduced to producing music videos that look like the first 5 minutes of a porno. Sure it's a really nice porno with good production values but still...

Music is in a weird spot right now. You have Apple paying U2 $100 million to give away an album to all iTunes subscribers just to promote their new phone. Last year Macklemore dominated the charts as an "indie artist" but to do so he had to pay Sony execs a boat load of cash to get his songs on the radio. Nobody is buying CDs, even on iTunes. Younger listeners are moving to subscriber based listening like Pandora and Spotify. Terrestrial radio has been reduced to this weird dj-less automatic jukebox format where most stations only play the same 10 big label approved pop songs on loop.

I guess through all of that one thing remains a constant. Sex sells. Doesn't matter if it's Madonna in a pointy bra, Katy Perry dressed up as a sexy smurf or Iggy Azelea putting on a tijuana donkey show.

This generation desperately needs a Nirvana (and that's coming from someone that HATES Nirvana).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Top 15 Greatest Black Superheroes

This video is a big long but I watched the whole thing, so I guess it wasn't so long that I didn't watch it. There's a ringing endorsement. Now random thoughts:

I completely forgot Spawn was a black guy. I mean I remember Spawn is a black guy but I completely forgot about Spawn. Weird huh? He had a movie and everything. It just seems like it's been forever since Spawn has been relevant in anyway. The last time I even remember reading anything Todd McFarlane related was when Neil Gaiman was suing him.

Captain Monica/Photon/Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau should really be on this list. Like near the top. Minority superheroes often get the short end of the stick but female minority heroes get it worse, even in list form. Storm is THE ONLY lady on the list period. That's kinda sucky.

No way Bishop and his jheri-curl mullet should be ranked ahead of Falcon. Even when he was a good guy Bishop kinda sucked and hasn't even been a good guy in like 5 years. He spent 12 issues hunting down Cable through time and space trying to kill a baby. How can you rank him ahead of the guy who's lined up to be the next Captain America?

A Child Fell into a Well?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Carlton is all about Breakin' and Poppin'

Alfonso Ribeiro is currently killing it on Dancing with the Stars but thanks to the magic of youtube he's also back in the 1980s selling you instructional dance kits. Man if only I had bought one back in 1985, I would have been the coolest white kid on the dock. 19.99 seems really reasonable for everything you get, but I don't know about inflation. 20 dollars in 1985 is probably the equivalent of 2,000 dollars now. Thanks Obama.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I don't understand the Minecraft sale

Yesterday it became official, Microsoft is buying Minecraft dev Mojang for roughly all the money in the world (ie 2.5 billion dollars). Sweet Christmas, that's a lot of money. I know Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world right now but I just can't imagine it's worth 2.5 Billion dollars. The studio behind it is small, like 40 people or so. Some of them are straight up walking away once the check clears, including Notch THE guy behind Minecraft. So 2.5 billion for a small gaming studio, minus the couple of people that really run it.

Maybe I'm underestimating just how much the Minecraft brand is worth. T-shirts, toys, I don't know.... maybe a cartoon or a movie? Maybe that's not a crazy amount of money. I mean there's no way Microsoft is writing a 2.5 billion dollar check just to get Minecraft 2 exclusive on the Xbone and windows phone, right? That would be crazy and totally desperate, right?

Automata: The Trailer

A couple weeks ago I discovered there was a youtube app for the Roku, it's a bit clunky but it has this nice browsing feature that shows you trending videos in different categories. Early this morning while I was trying to get my daughter to fall back asleep I was dinking around on it and I caught the trailer for Automata. Aside from a horrible 5 seconds of Melanie Griffith's acting it looks really really cool. Unsurprisingly the indie I Robot rip off will probably be better than the Offical hollywood blockbuster I Robot adaption.

What do you think, will we see bipedal robots like these in our lifetime? How about artificial intelligence that's self aware? When you think about how far we've come with computers and technology in just the last 30 years it doesn't seem completely crazy, does it?

I'm not saying you should start prepping for the robot apocalypse now but maybe you should start thinking about it. Once robots realize what bastards humans are, it won't take them that long to go full skynet on us.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Public Links

A collection of Seattle public access TV stars. Hey it's that guy, and that other guy. I kinda of remember them!

Full disclosure, I didn't have cable TV growing up. So my entire exposure to the public access channel was relegated to sleep overs and slumber parties at friends houses. Still, I remember watching that guy ramble about Courtney Love murdering Kurt Cobain. Or the guy that would play porn clips every once in a while. Of course they were never porn clips you wanted to see, it was always like middle aged hairy Europeans getting it on. Just terrible stuff.

20 Halloween Costumes That Will Destroy Your Childhood. Destroy my childhood might be a bit of an overstatement. Still, who thought sexy Oscar the Grouch was a good idea?

A Live-Action, Nightwing-Centered ‘Teen Titans’ Show Is Coming, But There’s A Catch. Man, DC really is looking to corner the Superhero to small screen marketplace. Arrow, Flash, Gotham, now rumors of Teen Titans and a Supergirl project? Teen Titans, sorry I mean Titans, seems like an absolute slam dunk. The cartoon from the early aughts was super popular, those kids have grown up and are right in the CW's target demographic. Play down the action so you can make it on the cheap and play up the melodrama and boom you've hit the Smallville sweet spot.

Complete Starcade Episodes Online. Hey kids remember Starcade? No? Hey middle aged adults, remember Starcade? Thought so.

How “Empire Records” Became The Unlikely Film Of A Generation. Ugh... Empire Records is a fun movie but let's get one thing straight it's a stupid movie. Sure, I'll watch the hell out of it Saturday at 10am but "the film of a generation", who honestly thinks that? This is all about the iGenerations's rampant nostalgia. I swear if I read one more article about how something that was incredibly mediocre was AMAZING just because it came out in 1995 I'm going to barf.

That being said.. Liv Tyler in this movie cangetit


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