Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week's Links

All 552 Simpsons Episodes to Air Consecutively on FXX. Mark the date August 21st on your calendar. That's the date fledgling Fox network FXX will start airing all 552 Simpsons episodes non-stop in order. I did some quick math and assuming they're all 30 minute episodes that's about 11 and a half days worth of the Simpsons, of course only 3 and half of those days are really worth watching. No joke there, 3 and a half days in is when you'll hit season 8 and everything starts to fall apart. Sure every once in a while you'll still get a modern classic like Tomacco but the longer the marathon goes the worse the show gets, until all you're left with are unfunny gimmick episodes and annoying guest stars.

I was promised they had shows for years. I can't believe they lied to me in song.

Awesome Photos from the Atari Landfill. The Urban myth goes that ET for the Atari 2600 was such a flop that Atari had to bury thousands of cartridges in a dump in New Mexico. The truth isn't that far off. ET was a best seller for the 2600 but it still didn't come close to meeting Atari's projections. Instead of sitting on the inventory (and paying taxes on it) Atari decided to destroy it along with a bunch of other cartridges and hardware they were sitting on. The move kept the lights on for a while but it didn't save them from falling into obscurity when the home console market crashed in the early 80s.

Last week a film crew making a documentary finally was able to get permission to excavate the infamous Atari dump site. Here are pictures of what they found. Sooo much Defender...

The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television. There's A LOT of handwringing going around on the internet right now in regards to the FCC and their stance on both the Comcast/Time Warner acquisition and the fed's recent stance on net neutrality. I would like to believe in the power of the free market the problem is that right now the market isn't free. There are large areas of the country where high speed (and I mean real high speed not 4G BS) internet access is limited to one MAYBE two providers. That's not a free market that's a monopoly/duopoly where price fixing and service abuses can run rampant.

BTW, that was the first picture that popped up when I google image searched "The internet". Never change internet. Never change.

DEADPOOL vs. X-FORCE Go Back to the 90s For Their First 'Extreme' Face-Off. As a comic book reading child of the late 80s to early 90s this is very much related to my interests. I'm bummed it's not actually drawn by Rob Liefeld but he gave it his seal of approval on Twitter so that's enough for me.


B said...

Ooh, that cat has a golden gun. Golden gun and frankly all Goldeneye death matches may be my favorite gaming memory.

Early Doom was fun but limited to one of us at a time. WCW vs. ECW was a bit too weedy for my liking. And Zelda on NES should be my fave but I'm still bitter about accidentally erasing my character on the last level.



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