Thursday, April 7, 2011

ABC is full of hypocrites

Today Hugh Hefner announced via twitter (really?) that Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff is going to be on the cover of Playboy in May (and presumably nude inside). This of course is creating a HUGE controversy cause nudity is scary and DWTS is like the number one TV show on TV (that isn't hosted by Ryan Seacrest).

"If Karina posed naked, she can kiss her dancing days goodbye,” a ‘DWTS’ insider told me immediately after hearing of Hef’s announcement on Twitter. “I hope for Karina’s sake that this isn’t true.”

The immediate response of ABC, I’m told, is that having one of their dancers pose naked during an ongoing season could “soil” the wholesome show’s image.

~PopEater‘s Rob Shuter

Wholesome image! You have got to be shitting me. Currently one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars is Kendra Wilkinson. She's ONLY famous for sleeping with Hugh Hefner and two other blond chicks. Oh yeah and she has a sex tape she released herself. In fact she's the 3rd contestant they've had with a sex tape. The very first winner of DWTS Kelly Monaco was Miss April 1997 for pete's sake. Just off the top of my head I can name 6 contestants that have been in Playboy and that includes the co-host Brooke Burke, which means either I know way too much about Dancing with the Stars or I know way too much about Playboy.

And lets not forget about the fellas. ABC has also had a guy on the show that was caught sleeping with underage prostitutes (Lawrence Taylor), a convicted money launderer (Tom Delay) and a guy that reportedly stabbed someone in the neck with a pair of scissors (Michael Irving).

It would take some serious balls for ABC to fire Karina when every season they're cashing in on the playboy gravy train. If they were going to fire her they should have done it after she slept with Mario Lopez... yech.




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